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  1. Hi guys, in these days I try to do italian review, every suggestion will be appreciated. I'll do my best Cheers
  2. I think +1 for the moment, then he will reach 91 at the end of the season
  3. The article doesn't say who has more talent, is impossible to know! But that both are great, but Meret has had less expected goal, and Donnarumma is better in other stuff, but these statistics depends on the clubs etc. I saw both in several occasions, and in my opinion Donnarumma has more skills, I will always remember his match of 07-10-2015 when he was only 16! Anyway, I'm happy that Mancini has this problem! Is only good for Italy. In my opinion if their clubs were inverted situation wouldn't change, is not anymore the Milan of Berlusconi, right now is Meret in a better club, and Napoli defense is better than Milan's ones, but if with importance you means the blazon of AC Milan, I agree.
  4. Thanks, Atalanta did a great match and deserved to win, could score even more goals, now we make our own luck, if we win we are in a european competition.
  5. I am not so well informed like you about N.Pepe, but I can tell that Dani Olmo is great, I saw his game of yesterday, not a good performance but was possible see how talented he his Meret should have +1, not a good season for Napoli, lots of problems inside the society, furthermore also Ospina does some games, he should be 89 for the end of the year Soyuncu I'm not an expert like the english guys, but I guess he has more possibility of +1 because he is already 88, maybe 90 more at the end of the year Abraham more +1 because he got a +1 this month, but he continues to performe well also +2 IMO Meret is the third italian goalkeeper, the ones with the best performances is Salvatore Sirigu, even if from outside could seems strange trust me. But of course, not a SM kind of players Then I would rate Donnarumma, he has almost the performances of Meret and he is younger, furthermore he plays more I red a really interesting article about all the italian goalkeepers in Serie A and they showed what I have just said: Sirigu the best Donnarumma and Meret are almost at the same level each with his peculiarities https://www.ultimouomo.com/donnarumma-meret-confronto-statistico/ https://calcio.fanpage.it/nazionale-sirigu-meglio-di-donnarumma-e-meret-lo-dicono-i-numeri/ Lautaro 90 for sure Zaniolo depends, he is playing well, but I don't know if is enough. Maybe more at the end of the year. I wouldn't do it, Donnarumma and Meret right now are at the same level, but the first has more talent, I think he won't renew his contract for AC Milan, and Juventus is interested in him. Meret could stay for long time in Napoli, a good team, but not so well rated like other big clubs. So, I would sell Lafont and keep Meret. Lafont at the moment is not at their level
  6. As others have already said accept the deal, you can have 2 players instead 1, Milanista1 did a great analysis. Immobile is having his best season, I hope he can confirm himself also for Italian national team, where he usually make poorest performances Hi, I would sell them all: Udinese is almost half of serie A classification, but in my opinion hasn't real possibilities to do better - Barak had a great season 2 years ago, then a long injury last season and this year he barely plays - Fofana lose his place as starter midfielder - Troost - Ekong always make decent performances, no more - Stryger - Larsen is the one in this list that plays a bit better, but not enough, you can find better players - Walace I don't know him so well, since he arrived this year in Italy, but made only few games, is not a starter He improved a lot this year, but I would say +1 in winter and another +1 in summer if he continues to perform like now
  7. Thanks Socca for your post, have you already done Atalanta? Or I missed it
  8. Would be another step to keep young promise for 15M, anyway it's always great see your team near Inter, Man. CIty, Seville, etc. Against Man. City we has been lucky in the first half, then we made a good match and we deserved the first point in our history in CL, I have been lucky to assist from the stadium. Will be hard anyway continue in CL or in EL..
  9. Hi guys, this morning I red that Atalanta is really interested in Yari Verschaeren and Sambi Lokonga, on your topic I red great stuff about them, expecially on the first. There's any rumor in Belgium? Has Atalanta any chance to get these players? I guess that more important team will be interested aswell, and that they cost a lot. Thanks
  10. Yes, he totally deserves a +1, he could have also in the summer review. Calabria isn't playing because started badly the season, he took 2 red cards in few matches, he told that he wasn't mentally fit for play as best as he could. Furthermore Milan wants to recover Conti, that showed important qualities in Atalanta, L. Duarte is playing more for Musacchio injury. But soon should come back on the field Caldara, that I believe has better qualities than the argentinian (I can't judge Duarte yet), but after more than an year outside he needs time, but if Milan won't give him I would love to see again in Atalanta He can have it, Napoli is one of the strongest team in Italy I would keep him, he has qualities, his problem this year is that arrived Commisso as new president of the team that kept him in Fiorentina, as he promised to the supporters, even if Federico showed he wanted to leave, after these kinds of situations is always difficult perform well.
  11. Hard call, both are young, both plays in good but not great team, both are doing a great season. And they have different positions Zaniolo is rated 88 and should have a +1, or +2 because he's hyped and he is doing really well (4 goals and an assist in the last 4 matches), he can cover more position in SM: M(C) AM(RLC) Tielemans became a key player in Leicester and should have a +1, going to 90. Is a coin flip, I know more Zaniolo, so I may go with the Italian
  12. Maybe more in the summer review, right now is a bit early to say, but he's starting to play at his level. You are right, like Chiellini CB/LB
  13. Yesterday Amad Diallo Traorè, 17 years, brother of Hamed Junior Traorè (Sassuolo), played his first match in Serie A and after 5 minutes. He's not in the database yet. He won't play a lot because he's really young and Atalanta has several person in his position AM(RLC), but he is a key player for U19 where in 8 matches he scored 4 goals and served 5 assists. Keep an eye on him
  14. I know, Atalanta is paying too much his lack of experience, from the statistics it seems a disastrous campaign, when we failed only a match, against Dinamo Zagreb. I hope that we can win a match in San Siro. Round of 16 in CL is almost impossible, and also EL is difficult.
  15. Thanks for your report, but yesterday I saw Manchester City - Atalanta (sigh) and I can update: K. Walker and Otamendi are back, both played the match, the first for the whole match, the second for 20 minutes. Rodri got injured, harmstring but is nothing serious, Guardiola told he should be back in a month.
  16. I don't know Livakovic so well, I know he's good and is a starter for Croatia. I would go for Musso, he plays in Serie A, he has always good performances for Udinese (at the moment is the best defense of the league), I red that Inter is interested in him for the future. But I would wait the opinion of other experts that know better than me Livakovic.
  17. Yesterday for Malinovski scored the first goal for Atalanta, on penalty kick, unluckily hasn't been enough but good performance for him, without Zapata he will play a lot in Gomez's posizion. As I thought Castagne played yesterday, not a bad match he had the opportunity to score after 10 minutes but he failed, then he played a defensive match, without particular errors, but on his side there were Mendy and Sterling, that was literally on fire: scored 3 times, 1 assist and won a penalty kick. Congratulation to Manchester City for the amazing match and to Atalanta that did his best, playing without fear at Etihad Stadium
  18. I try to analyse the situation: Castagne had an injury at the beginning of August and he came back in the middle of september, so he stayed on the bench the first 2 matches because he wasn't fit. He played the first time the 22/09 against Fiorentina, scoring in the last second. From that moment he played 4 matches on 5. Atalanta has 3 starters for 2 spots: Hateboer, Castagne and Gosens, they are all at the same levels; Gasperini loves to rotate his players and decide according to the opponents and how the players are fit. In the first part of last year the best was Hateboer, from december to february was Castagne, then again Hateboer. Right now the best is Gosens (3 goals 1 assist in 6 matches in Serie A). Is always difficult say who plays among them. I guess Castagne won't play tomorrow because the other 2 hasn't been called by their national teams, and he will play against Manchester City.
  19. Malinovski is playing well, he has had the possibility to score in few occasions, also against Shakhtar. But he has the potentiality to be great, when he adapt more he could be a starter, everybody is happy about him. Now with 7 matches in 23 games he will have the possibility to play more and show his value. Some supporter has already given him the nickname of "Colonnello" (Colonel) Tomiyasu got injuried in the last match for Japan, is out for 40 days
  20. Again Switzerland? hasn't been done in june? Thanks, I take note
  21. Kulusevski is 76đŸ˜‰, I think he will have a +6 like SM did last year with H. Traorè. Thanks for your prediction
  22. I remember you told he is a central defender, but Bologna has lack of alternatives in that position so Mihajlovic tried Tomiyasu and he is doing well.
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