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  1. The real expert about serie B is @Sir Louis Cower I can tell you that he has potentiality, he improved a lot last season and he can do more (only 3 years ago he was in the 4th italian league, Serie D) Several team were interested like Sassuolo, Bologna and Cagliari, congratulation to Club Brugge that made the right offer. I red about Tomiyasu, I am curious to see him in Serie A after what I red on the forum! .
  2. Liga is starting, you have to wait, they start from the bottom to the top...in 10 days - 2 weeks they should finish, be patient
  3. He can shows his talent in Bologna, last year Mihajlovic helped a lot Orsolini
  4. Roma sold El Sharaawy to Shanghai Shenhua https://www.goal.com/en-ie/news/shanghai-shenhua-agree-18m-deal-to-sign-roma-forward-el/jky5myv4blrw1j0jdn0i5v9w1
  5. I think he will stays, Fiorentina gave on loan Lafont for use him, it seems he want stay and have a salary increase http://www.fiorentina.it/drago-le-voci-viviano-perin-lo-infastidito-aumento-ingaggio-restera/
  6. SMS is a great player, with lots of potentiality, BUT he is inconstant. I would go for Ndombele, that is going to play in a better team, in CL
  7. Barella is a worth buy! he will move to Inter or Roma, probably to nerazzurri, because Conte wants him
  8. The review are mostly correct, I'm happy to see that Atalanta players got a deserved review. On the other side SM surprised me with Lazio, where they haven't review almost anyone and few players from other team, like D'Ambrosio, that should definitely be 90 and for Zaniolo and Kean, great talent, but too hyped, IMO they haven't done for have a +5 and a +4. For my part next time I'll try to be more accurate in the review
  9. Italian review are finished, thanks to everybody that helped me with their suggestions and opinions
  10. Yes, yesterday Bologna was really close to him, they took also Tomiyasu, the team is doing a great job with young players
  11. Yes, this year has been shocking, Correa, Strakosha deserved to rise, Zaniolo 88 and Kean 87 is a joke, is too early even if they have great potentiality. Bakayoko and Suso IMO hadn't real chance to rise, for De Vrji he really could have it, but after SM decision to don't give a +1 to Sule was less probable. I wanna thank Sir Rahul that spend lots of time for help us giving lots of reviews every year
  12. He will, he hasn't played at the beginning of last season because he was injured, then he has been few times on the bench because when there are several matches in few days Ancelotti uses turn over, even for GK and had two others like Ospina and Karnezis Anyway sirmarkhughes reply is complete enough, I would add that Meret was the starter for U21 national team in the last European Championship
  13. Meret, plays in a better team and has more potentiality
  14. Kean to 87? It's even more crazy than Zaniolo 88..
  15. Isco can drop (but I'm sure you know already it), he hasn't played a lot this year, but he is still a good player I would wait Real Madrid review for be sure he won't drop and have some transfermarket news, hoping he goes somewhere
  16. I don't think he will have +1, he doesn't deserve it, furthermore he wasn't neither always a starter I think Napoli review is not finished, Allan could have a +1 (he deserve it), Milik should have it (SM gave to Politano that plays in a worst team and hasn't had the same importance of Milik in Napoli), F. Ruiz could have +1..
  17. He deserves it Yes, he is a starter for Napoli Or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, SM is reviewing really slow, tomorrow is for sure Atalanta's turn P.S. I got surprise too by KK rise, but he is one of the best defensor in Italy, always one of the greatest in Napoli team, I'm happy to see they did even if the team hasn't won a trophy
  18. Most likely +1, 90 probably in winter.
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