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  1. Vanheusden goes to Standard Liege for 12,5M https://www.inter.it/en/news/68087/vanheusden-joins-standard-liege
  2. Manolas goes to Napoli for 36M € for replace Albiol (now in Villarreal) Diawara goes to Roma for 18M € (today should be official) Spinazzola to Roma for 7M€ + Lu. Pellegrini Rabiot today has the medical exams with Juventus Lazaro to Inter for 21M + bonus Pinamonti to Genoa on loan with an obligation to buy for 18M, Inter should have an first dib agree for buy him Tomiyasu today has the medical exams with Bologna (7M + 2 bonus) @thorgan lesar can you confirm this time? Thanks Schouten to Bologna for 2M Lafont on loan to Nantes Vanheusden to Standard Liege for 12,5M https://sport.virgilio.it/tabellone-calciomercato-104833 When I have more time I search for an english website with all the official deals of Serie A
  3. Is crazy see a +5 for Zaniolo, is too much, he deserved no more than 86
  4. It would be really weird, see him in another team in Italy, I hope he won't go, I can't imagine him with another jersey. For the moment nothing is said, I have just red an article that he refused Fiorentina and is thinking to retire. Let's wait and see what happen
  5. Romagnoli improved a lot since last year, having Bonucci by his side helped him. But don't take him as left back, he can lose that position every time, the last time he played there was in Roma (2013-14), then in Sampdoria started to play as central defensor. He is good, and should rise, but in a SM optic his problem is the team, isn't anymore the Milan of 10 years ago, and next year won't play Europe League if nothing change. https://www.goal.com/en-ph/news/ac-milan-kicked-out-of-europa-league-due-to-ffp-breaches/g2ewsmmljoy41bdbjfma9l9bo
  6. Milan has been banned from the netx Europe League due to financial fair play https://www.goal.com/en/news/ac-milan-kicked-out-of-europa-league-due-to-ffp-breaches/g2ewsmmljoy41bdbjfma9l9bo And it seems this year won't be re-admitted, like last year @Milanista1 what's your opinion?
  7. Hi, you are right: - D'Ambrosio, Kessie, Freuler good chances Matuidi, Callejon, Perisic stay Manolas is safe, he should go to Napoli Dzeko not his best season, for a team that did an awful season, I would sell and go for someone else, he won't increase, he can only drop
  8. SM broke Udinese cap, now is 89 Demiral had a +4 (+9 from february) If SM continues to review like today Atalanta will give us great surprises
  9. I'm surprised as well from SM generosity to Lecce and Brescia.
  10. I'm happy to see that Barella and Cragno have a deserved +1, because they have had a great season, I'm sorry I haven't put but Cagliari had only a 89: Barella
  11. I guess he wasn't in the list because played on loan to Foggia in Serie B, anyway good call, I thought he could have a +5
  12. Bologna is really close to Tomiyasu for 6M + bonus @thorgan lesar
  13. Main transfers of this week: Orsolini to Bologna for 15M (Juventus still have a buy-back clause) Pasalic on loan for another season in Atalanta Muriel moves to Atalanta for 15M (there isn't the exact cost yet) Demiral today has the medical visit with Juventus, he could stay there as 4th defensor
  14. Hi guys, can Kepa Arrizabalaga have +1? He won EL with Chelsea. Thanks
  15. Thanks, the ones about De Roon, Freuler and Palomino were my main doubts. From the last review he has been 11 times in the line-up and 11 on the bench, for me he hasn't done enough for rise to 91 in this review, furthermore with Ancelotti he hasn't performed like with Sarri. There isn't any serious rumor about him, just the interest of some teams, now is linked to Juventus, because Sarri wants his pupil, but seems nothing concrete. I'm not a big fan of Hysaj and @Sir Louis Cower knows him better then me, so Sir feel free to correct me. Thanks
  16. We are speaking about 2 great defense: - 2nd best defense Inter (17 clean sheet) - 3rd Milan (14 clean sheet) https://www.transfermarkt.com/serie-a/weisseweste/pokalwettbewerb/IT1 Both had solid performances, with few matches where weren't good, Skriniar did a bit worse than last year, because has neither scored a goal. Anyway a +1 is most likely for Romagnoli (rate 90), Skriniar's rate is 92, so obviously is more difficult a rise.
  17. Google translated "right to recompute" when is "buy-back clause" I don't know if you understood anyway @thorgan lesar
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