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  1. Pinamonti is injured, he is replaced by Bonazzoli https://www.football-italia.net/139325/italy-pinamonti-out-u21-euros
  2. Good analysis, this article that explain that, sorry but is in italian. https://www.sportmediaset.mediaset.it/mercato/inter/l-inter-incassa-20-milioni-vanheusden-allo-standard-liegi_1280494-201902a.shtml I think Inter will sell with a buy back clause Gravillon, Dimarco and Karamoh
  3. Hamed Traore from Empoli to Juventus for 12 M +3 bonus (should goes on loan to Sassuolo) Krunic from Empoli to Milan for 8 M Third outgoing operation for Empoli
  4. I red the same, Inter in these years is doing lots of deals for have enough capital gain for the end of june, with a buy back clause, like they did with Bettella and Carraro (Atalanta), Radu and Valietti (Genoa), Odgaard (Sassuolo), etc. So I guess they want do the same with Standard, anyway I don't know if Standard Liege can do an operation like that for 25M, it seems too much
  5. Rade Krunic did a good season in Empoli, 5 goals and 6 assist for him in the 17th team of Serie A, will be interesting see what he can do in a team like Milan, I hoped Atalanta could take him. Anyway in Milan has chances to play because they haven't many midfielders
  6. 2018/19: 15 goals (5 PK), 1 assist 1 failed PK 2017/18: 10 goals, 3 assist, 2 failed PK 2016/17: 26 goals (2PK), 3 assist, 3 failed PK He improved his performances from last year, he's not at the level of 2016/17, his magic year. I think the ones of this year is his real level, he hasn't done enough for +1, 92 would be too much for him, consider Torino has only a player over 90:him. So I can't see him rise.
  7. Few consideration about Italy: Plizzari played well and saved 2 penalty kicks Lu. Pellegrini played in a new position, as central midfielder in a 3-5-2, due to the lack in that position for Italy, with good results Pinamonti did a good U20 WC, he is really important for Italian national team, Inter wants to keep him, but he could also go on loan to another club (Genoa?)
  8. Praet is another player that grew a lot, he has constant performances and he can plays in several position, has he showed since he arrived in Italy. It seems that Giampaolo has finally found his position, as MC, now he can show his potential, and become an important player also for a bigger team. Giampaolo truly hope to have him at Milan, but it seems that Arsenal is closer, but for the players they have he may do better in Milan. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/106413/Show/Dennis-Praet
  9. Today there are the semifinal of U20 - World cup Italy - Ukraine Ecuador - South Korea None of these team has never reached a U20 World Cup final
  10. Timothy! I'm happy to see him important in the national team, he's becoming a really important player, and with Gasperini he can only improve
  11. He got +3 on 17/02/2019 when he was on fire, then he played with not so good performances, due to the different coach and scheme, and he scored only a goal more. He can have +2 (for the games played and the performances)/+3 (because he has potential, is hyped and is in the national team).
  12. Hi, almost all Atalanta players have had an amazing season, but nodoby knows what SM is going to do, if we had won Coppa Italia i would say yes, but this season the team has not even played in EL, so I say MAYBE. I have done prediction on Serie A topic, and I haven't put rise for them, because I prefer be more careful and write what I think is more likely, Atalanta is still a "small club", even if is writing history and is going to plays against some of the best team of the planet! So there are possibilities that SM start to consider Atalanta as a bigger club, and give more rises than the ones written, but I'm not so sure about it. I post the link about Serie A, if it may helps you
  13. Is the first time I do prediction and it's difficult, I insert only the ones I thought more possible, but with a whole league I could have done mistakes. Consider I did it some matches before the final result. De Sciglio he could get +1 because he played half of the matches in Juventus, we know the team is important in SM Allan did a great season and I think he deserves +1, even if he is 28, consider he is in Brazil national team De Vrij I'm not so sure anymore, since SM hasn't given a +1 to Sule Brozovic was a key player for Spalletti, where he was absent you could see it ------------------------------------ Milan has 12 clean sheat only in Serie A, so the defense could rise, I think that these players had done enough. Kessie 7 goals (3 on PK) and an assist this season Suso his problem is regularity, he had something like 3 months of break, for this I haven't insert in the list ------------------------------------ Cristante I apology, here I could be too optimistic, due to the club. Izzo Torino defense has been great, he did 4 goals, an amazing second part of season, he is followed by teams like Roma or Inter, called in the national team. If he doesn't reach is only because he plays in Torino. Strakosha in life nothing is sure 100%, with SM even less, but he had a good season and won a Coppa Italia Kouame is important for Genoa, and he's linked to bigger club, but yes a +1/+2 is more accurate Thank you, I changed a bit my prediction for your advices, I hope to be more accurate now.
  14. I guess you ask because he's close to Sint Truidense vv 😉 he had a good experience in Crotone, he can bring experience and help the team. Yes, with Conte he can improve a lot and become more important for the national team. Good news also in a Soccer Manager optic
  15. Great team, I don't know if will be enough for win the competition, Italy is in the tougher group. The only position without a player of level is DR, I would expect Depaoli instead Adjapong. I guess will play Mancini or another central defensor in that position.
  16. I would go for Meret, for me has more potentiality than Lafont, that has lots of talent, but has to grow a lot, sometimes he does stupides mistakes. Furthermore Meret plays for a better team I would sell Icardi
  17. He has great potentiality, he showed amazing stuff in the last months of season 2017/18, and last year Atalanta refused 21M€, he was really hyped. This season he had a good start in Europa League qualifying round, but with the elimination from the competition, Atalanta's crisis and Zapata's explosion he suffered this situation too much. Anyway he shouldn't go to Sint-Truidense VV or Stuttgart, his agent told that Barrow prefers stay in Serie A, he'll likely go to Lecce or Parma.
  18. Italy Under 21 squad: Goalkeepers: Emil Audero (Sampdoria), Alex Meret (Napoli), Lorenzo Montipò (Benevento); Defenders: Claud Adjapong (Sassuolo), Alessandro Bastoni (Parma), Kevin Bonifazi (Spal), Arturo Calabresi (Bologna), Federico Dimarco (Parma), Gianluca Mancini (Atalanta), Giuseppe Pezzella (Genoa), Filippo Romagna (Cagliari); Midfielders: Nicolò Barella (Cagliari), Manuel Locatelli (Sassuolo), Rolando Mandragora (Udinese), Alessandro Murgia (Spal), Lorenzo Pellegrini (Roma), Sandro Tonali (Brescia), Nicolò Zaniolo (Roma); Forwards: Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina), Patrick Cutrone (Milan), Moise Bioty Kean (Juventus), Riccardo Orsolini (Bologna), Andrea Pinamonti (Frosinone). Di Biagio called all the best players, except Donnarumma and Calabria (injured). Seems a good team that wannna win the European Championship after 15 years.
  19. I think is just gossip, few days ago Ilicic told he wants to stay at Atalanta. https://www.calciomercato.com/news/ilicic-allontana-il-napoli-resto-all-atalanta-19629 This news is kept from an interview on the official web site. Furthermore Percassi, the president told that he doesn't want to sell starters, he ensured Gasperini, the coach that he would keep the key players. Obviously I can get wrong, but I would be surprised, I think that there were some translation inaccurancies from Slovenian to Italian that made this rumor I tell you more, I think Atalanta keep a great player for CL, a young with potential
  20. I think won't happen, Bale is too expensive for Inter, that has to gather 40M for capitail gain. In Italy seems Inter is close to Barella (he can improve a lot with Conte) and Dzeko
  21. Hi guys, I guess he will have +1/+2 because he had a random rise of +1 in april when he was on fire. Not much in short term, but a big promise for the long term. If you need advices on Serie A you can write here. Cheers
  22. C'mon Thorgan, SM is telling you to study portuguese! Boa tarde!
  23. I saw him few times and is really a great prospect, when Sassuolo took in january there were already rumors about Juventus "option" on him, like for Romero. It seems that Demiral stays at Juventus for grow, and Romero remains at Genoa for an year more, but the next coach has to decide.
  24. Yes, J.Andersen, is a great central defensor, but Sampdoria want to try to keep him for another year. Anyway if you haven't in your team buy, should rise from 86 to 88 Thanks, I red these rumors and I was going to ask an opinion
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