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  1. Who knows... he should move from Sampdoria, he is linked to Premier League, but I don't follow so much rumors, it's too early, I prefer wait for more accurate news I am going to tell in the topic what happen as soon as I know
  2. He should goes to 89, consider he was 83 at the beginning of the season, he did half a season in Genoa, and he hasn't played in EL, too soon for 90. What do you think @Milanista1?
  3. Yes Sir, great analysis you wrote the most interesting, Viviani is the reserve of Tonali, so should start to play more in 2020/21, Cistana and Ndoj seems will be starters Lecce is an old teams. You wrote the most interesting of Hellas. I hoped for Pescara, full of young players (keep an eye on Bettella), another good call is Luca Ranieri, on loan from Fiorentina to Foggia. For further information or any doubt check this topic
  4. I don't know if you add also who got promoted from the second championship, in that case I would suggest you the name of Cistana (Brescia). But maybe you know him already. Thank you, like always!
  5. In Italy they missed G. Donnarumma, born in 1999🤣
  6. No, there are only rumors, like Praet to Milan, nothing more 😉
  7. He can have +2 because played in Serie B, worth buy, I saw him twice and he's really good.
  8. Good work, Di Marzio is usually a trustworthy source, several teams are interested in Emanuel (Inter, Juventus, Atalanta, etc) he seems a good player. I haven't enough information on his brother, but I know that also Inter want them both.
  9. I read that Atalanta is interested in Michel Vlap, but from some articles it seems is really close to Anderlecht, do you know something about it? Is he good? Honestly I think is a name for divert the attention on the real target, that is someone greater
  10. Yes, it seems De Paul fit less with Conte than Spalletti, but Conte doesn't use only a scheme, he changed many times during the years (4-2-4; 4-3-2-1; 4-3-3; 3-5-2; 3-4-3) De Paul is versatile, he had great performances as M(C), AM(L,C), false 9 position, I think he would do a great job also with Conte
  11. I know, it seems that Inter took him and Conte (Inter new coach, even if isn't official yet) will evaluate Agoume during the pre-season training
  12. I read great stuff on him, but I have never seen him plays, but I'll do for Euro U21. Isn't 20-30M too less for him? I red he's close to Tottenham for 40M, obviosly news from Italy aren't so accurate
  13. Will be really interesting see players like Wolf and L. Martinez in other leagues, both should have space in their new teams for show their skills. I would add as interesting deal Kik Pierie Heerenven > Ajax €5 million
  14. I red the same, it seems Napoli want to take him instead Ilicic, but few days ago was written was imminent his arrive to Inter. I prefer be prudent, isn't sure yet, a journalist well informed about Napoli, has just told on the official web-radio of Napoli that De Paul won't go there (obviously can be only pre-tactical). Let's wait and see De Paul's next destination.
  15. Hi, I'm glad to know you like this thread, I'll do my best for help you with italian football. After the great season several teams are interested in De Paul, in that bunch there are also Tottenham and Sevilla, but it seems that Napoli and Inter are closer to the argentinian talent.
  16. Thanks, I have always thought that see Atalanta in Champions League was possibile only with Football Manager!
  17. Hi guys, Ilicic has always been a AM(RLC), I don't remember him as M(C), maybe in Maribor or the first year of Palermo, now he should change position and become AM, F (RLC), would be more accurate. This year he started as AM(C) but the team wasn't well balanced, so Gasperini put Gomez as AM(C) and Ilicic in a hybrid position: he plays as a striker, but a bit moved on the right, so he could create and make space for the overlap of Hateboer. Cheers
  18. Hamed Traore won't plays for Fiorentina, the team hadn't deposited his contract, so the previous agreement is void. He should go to a better team, where he probably won't have the same occasions to play. Di Lorenzo is going to be the next RB of Napoli, for 10M, the officiality should arrive soon. Now I see even more difficult that Castagne goes to Napoli
  19. Maybe I changed team and I didn't notice 😆 I admit I could be pessimistic on Atalanta review, because I haven't realized yet our new dimension. Anyway cap for Atalanta is 91, Papu Gomez, he got it in 2017 when he was in Argentina national team and the previous season he scored 16 goals and made 10 assist. Ilicic did a great season, with some amazing performances (2 hattricks), but not at the level of Gomez in 2017 so if SM is generous all can happen, also Zapata 91, but I wrote the most likely, what's certain is that several players deserve to rise, I hope the review will give us satisfactions
  20. Cumart doesn't rise or we have to expect a ramdom rise in the next days? Thanks
  21. Thank you for your report. In Italy says that Inter is going to take Dzeko, and is interested in Lukaku but, for the moment, is too expensive. Inter wanna sell Icardi, because broke with the teammates but for the moment there isn't any offer. But yes, if they sell him Lukaku is a great option.
  22. Will be a pleasure see a team like Atalanta against some of the best teams of the world. Dragowski seems a really good goalkeeper, is on loan from Fiorentina, will be interesting to see where he will play. He deserve an opportunity in a good team.
  23. Serie A is over and yesterday gave some verdicts: Atalanta is 3rd for the first time in his history, best attack, 103 goals this season and a great way to play football. Congratulation to all of them that made something unbelieveble. I hope Atalanta will take a club like Barcelona or Bayern Munchen in the group stage, it would be an honor. Inter took the last spot in CL, like always "crazy Inter" was going to waste a good season, but arrived 4th, it seems Conte could be their new coach, it would be good for them. Milan 5th despite the investments of january hasn't reached CL, but missed few occasions in topic moments. Roma 6th due to a bad season, Olsen that played almost the whole season despite all his mistakes, a Pastore "desaparecido". The only positive thing is Zaniolo. Genoa, Fiorentina and Udinese are saved, despite their bad season they keep Serie A. Empoli is the last team to go to Serie B, they did their best but it wasn't enough
  24. Atalanta made it, good call, I knew was possibile but I'm honest I CANNOT BELIEVE, yesterday I went to see the game and I was in the car with 2 people with whom I saw lots of match in Serie B. Champions League was neither in my childhood dreams I barely know who scored yesterday, so I can't say anything about the match, but Empoli deserved more than Genoa to stay in Serie A, they did their best. Good article, I think at the end Milan plays in EL, is the situation of last year, where Milan didn't deserve a spot (because hasn't followed the rules, no offense for Milanista obviously) for the same stuff, but went anyway and spent 50M more in january
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