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  1. Been offered Ramsey + Eriksen for Coutinho. Good deal? Tried for Lenglet+Eriksen, but couldn't get.
  2. Let go of Coutinho for Eriksen+lenglet?
  3. Guys. A quick question on Mbappe. Do you think he might be capped at 94 by SM unless PSG win something big like CL? I know Neymar is 96, but he was that before he joined PSG. How would SM look at cap in this case?
  4. I have a different take here. Ronaldo is 99 and will remain so for at least 2 more seasons. The only real threat to him going below 95-96 is him retiring. Mbappe maybe reaches 97-99 in the next 3 years, but you'll win a lot more trophies by then with messi and ronaldo. Even if mbappe goes to 96-97 at 22 years of age, he'll cost more than 100 mil and you won't be able to leverage that high a price with good trades. In addition to that you're getting money to invest in youngsters plus pulisic. Go for it.
  5. The only reason for this (and at least the reason i bought him) was that he was a nominee at the Ballon D'or youth (Kopa trophy), the one that Mbappe won. Made a cool profit. time to sell him off
  6. I think he means he has to pay 30+coutinho for Dybala
  7. Oh ok. I'd be the one getting Cancelo. I offered Mahrez and 10M which was accepted.
  8. How good is Joao Cancelo? Is he worth giving up Mahrez plus 10M? (not necessarily needed as I have Azpi at RB)
  9. Thanks for all the Pavard Mil-Sav advice guys. Decided to give up Pavard and take Mil-Sav. Quick background. I had actually given Mil-Sav to this guy six months ago in return for Mahrez and Pavard. The current swap means I effectively get Mahrez for free
  10. Interesting swap deal. Been offered Milinkovic Savic for my Pavard. Thoughts please?
  11. No. I'd be the one giving up KDB. Also does Jesus have a chance to raise?
  12. How about Jesus + Walker for KDB? Fair deal?
  13. Need some inputs guys. Mahrez+Savic+20 mil for Kroos? I'll be the one getting Kroos. Also Any chance he'll drop in summer?
  14. Didn't you say "Salah 95? Lol No no" Never say never. Sterling seems to be dropping off the last few games though. So unless City can win and Sterling plays a big role, 94 is tough, but hardly never.
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