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  1. Berg+hakimi+Lodi.. Hakimi is already 90 and will soon go up the way he's playing. Lodi has become a permanent fixture on the left wing of atleti and will be 90 in summer. Bergjwijn with the move is another potential riser.. I'll take three almost guaranteed 91s over a maybe 91+92 Edit: not sure why the post is hidden
  2. Advice please? If I can only afford one of them, who should I go for?
  3. Usually the concern rises at the end of the season or midway through a season (usually around game 16 or so). My suggestion is that you hold on to Lenglet and play him at every game all 90 mins. Hopefully, his concern goes down. I've seen people do this many times If that doesn't work and he goes to level 5, you can always let him be sold. Maybe there's a bidding war for him and you get some good cash that you can invest in better prospects than these.
  4. I would have. Mbappe is the only one who I see has the potential to go past 96 and maybe reach ronaldo/messiesque level. Moreover I’ll be giving up two 91s who’ll need at least a couple of years to get to 94, assuming they do get there.
  5. So I tried to offer my mbappe to a fellow manager in exchange for sancho+havertz. He flat out refused. Was that such a bad deal?
  6. I'm in. In fact we've created such GW within our group. one was a pure draft with 300 mil budget, the biggest challenge was to complete the draft owing to people from different timezones.. We created a whatsapp group that kinda addressed this. There is another where we had an auction system to determine who gets what player at what price.
  7. I'm totally stumped with Juve review.. How does Bonucci get a drop while Chiellini and Higuain retain the rating?
  8. I'm a little disappointed to see Lloris not getting a +1. World cup winner, finals of CL and a pretty decent season. Not sure how becker goes to 94 while lloris is at 92.
  9. Isn't it all relative? Teams below these two had players in the mid 80s rating, while Arsenal and ManU had players at 93 and 92 with really nothing to show for. It makes sense that they come down closer to 90 while the ones from the teams just below them rise close to 90 as well.
  10. -2 to each to Ozil and Sanchez! Sweet Justice
  11. Both Mane and Sterling. But Sterling being younger and with City would be my Choice. Paulista 75/25. Gomez 50/50
  12. If you keep a backup striker of 92/93, they will quickly develop concerns unless they play a lot of games. Go for someone younger and a lower rating like Rodrygo or Jovic if you get them.
  13. 47 is serious money. I don't think Rashford will ever reach that value. Having said that, unless you can spend that 47 on another good buy, you could hold on.
  14. He has to drop. In no sane world should higuain be rated the same as Mbappe, Firmino and above Sane.
  15. No chance for a +1 to Mbappe? Surely he deserves to be rated at least as much as Cavani or Bale, even if PSG didn't win anything
  16. Big fan of Eriksen. If Tottenham can get to semis in Champions league or Eriksen can go to real madrid, there's a definite chance for +1. Arthur has a long way to go. Not a guaranteed started in Barca.
  17. Can and Keita. You don't want to sell Sule as he's going to be the mainstay of German and Bayern defense for the next few years with Boateng and Hummels out of favor.
  18. I'd say Can. Keita's not seeing much playing time at liverpool but he's younger. SMS is due a big move soon.
  19. Any chance Ramsey might get a +1 to 92 before Juventus. He's been putting in good performances every time he's played.
  20. Been offered Ramsey + Eriksen for Coutinho. Good deal? Tried for Lenglet+Eriksen, but couldn't get.
  21. Let go of Coutinho for Eriksen+lenglet?
  22. Guys. A quick question on Mbappe. Do you think he might be capped at 94 by SM unless PSG win something big like CL? I know Neymar is 96, but he was that before he joined PSG. How would SM look at cap in this case?
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