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  1. Good evening, I'm in a very competitive league and I have to choose one of the two to sign Chiesa or Tahuvin? Which one do you choose?
  2. Good afternoon, who would you buy between Icardi, Firmino and Gabriel Jesus? Why do they choose one and not the other?
  3. Good day, what other young player would you recommend to buy or consider for later?
  4. What do you think of Leroy Sane? Without a place in the city, I read that he can return to Shalke, he is still young and with good qualification, but that would be a step back in his career
  5. Good morning friends, if they had to sell to 1 or 2 what would they choose? Griezman, Hazard, Sterling or Gabriel Jesus. I'm looking for a mc and central defense
  6. I believe that three or four years are missing for Messi to lower his rating and 1 or 2 years for Mabppe to reach a 96 ....... depend on the League in which you are, if it is a league that you will only be a time I recommend to Messi, however if it is a league that will take years, it is better Mbappe
  7. Good morning, I have Sterling, Mbappe, Messi, Ronaldo, Griezman and Hazard. I would like to offer Hazard for Salah and Mbappe for Pogba? It would be a good option?
  8. Good afternoon, gender goal situation 15 or 20 per game but the effectiveness is very bad only 1 or 2 goals per game, is there any way to improve that? Thank you
  9. What do you think of Modric? By the age you have and the valuation, would you keep it or sell it?
  10. I have only played 2 years, what would be your predictions for England? Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, City?
  11. Would you exchange Bonucci (It's mine) for Lenglet and Umtiti? My defense is Walker, Chielinni, DVD, Alex Sandro, Miranda and Pepe.
  12. New game world, several clubs available, you will be welcome no matter the rank, you just want to direct ID 396695
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