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  1. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers So I sold Xabi Alonso to Barcelona in exchange for Cambiasso and Gervinho. I'm pretty pleased as even though Cambiasso is on the fall, he will still be a 90+ player for at least two soccer manager seasons. Gervinho will also allow me to have a solid striker up top. Still looking to do any deals I can. Not got much to offer but I do have a few decent players to exchange for higher ones
  2. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Selling Xabi Alonso as I'm in need of a solid 90+ striker. So a striker and a replacement for xabi is what I really want but will look at other offers also
  3. Re: .:Official thread of Gold Championship 179:. Dagenham & Redbridge smash there record signing record by signing 86 rated Emerson Boyce. Cumulative total of nearly £5,000,000 grabs the services of Boyce. In the transitional period removing the risers for higher rated instant impact players. Closing in on the third automatic promotion spot so we are doing well
  4. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected Tottenham Hotspur in GC 34. Not really that good of a team but could be a fun challenge for some one to get them to there better days but they do need a clear out. Look for Roma if you need some loans if you take it
  5. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers So TSG 1899 Hoffenheim were not really doing that well. Things were bleak and I was considering leaving the set up. But then Ray posted in the team thread that Borussia Mönchengladbach were available. So I took a look at there team, realised it was 10x better then mine so I took them. Only have two more points then my old team but now with my new interest in the set-up I'm sure we can stay up
  6. Re: .:Official thread of Gold Championship 179:. HUGE win for us today. 11 goals in one game and six by a 10k signing. Good times in Dagenham
  7. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ First game with Marseille and we win 2-1 against AS Nancy Lorraine. Valbuena and an 89th minute winner from Cheyrou give me the perfect start to life at Marseille. Many players for sale now, really want to change the team up so message me if you want anyone from my team
  8. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Match/Transfer Report Thread★ Goodbye Birmingham, and hello Marseille Former Birmingham City manager Mark has today jetted off to France to join up with his new team Marseille. Mark was offered the club this morning and with a little thought, he decided that it was way too good of an offer and had to accept it. Mark inherits and very good side who have been neglected by the previous manger. They sit 16th in the league and have just not been able to get going. But luckily enough for Mark, none of the team has been sold so it gives him a chance to mold the team into how he would like them. First game in charge for Mark is away to AS Nancy Lorraine so this will give Mark little idea of what the teams strength and weaknesses are.
  9. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Well I have not been on the forum in a couple of weeks as my work has been pileing up. Anywhom, Birmingham were very quiet and had no big news to report and then today I receive an offer from Marseille to be the new head coach so I took it. Luckily just before game time aswell
  10. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Birmingham did not get any of there targets but we did manage to bring in Buttner and Caulker on loan so we are improving. Just looking to get a few permanent players in.
  11. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Cheers dude, made the offer
  12. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Anyone want to help Birmingham with a nice little 85+ loan
  13. Re: ★The Official Forum GC - GC 222 - Discussion Thread ★ Well I was deciding what team to order and then I realized that it had turned too an application so I applied for Birmingham. Quite happy that I managed to get them while they have Butland so it will be a good challenge, and they were free
  14. Re: .:Official thread of Gold Championship 179:. Got some good rises today at Dagenham & Redbridge. Highest rise was Serhiy ZYHALOV who went from 60 to 77 which increases the rating of my team to 79
  15. Re: ★The Official Forum GC★ If it could last it would be a great idea, count me in
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