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  1. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Likewise buddy:)
  2. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Already made all my bids, not very organised but hopefully I can get a team ready by the first game on sunday
  3. Re: .:The Official Thread Of GC 175:. Not gonna do a report as this result was a tad annoying:o. He had three shots on target and Jaaskelainen could not save any of them. On the other hand I had 14 shots on target but only scored two of them. Oh well, have Swansea on Sunday so hoping for a better result on that one:)
  4. Re: .:The Official Thread Of GC 176:. - Revolution of the Turks - Panathinaikos 1-0 Panionios Adam Johnson (32) Adam Johnson has yet again proved his importance to Panathinaikos as he earns them all 3 points with the only goal of the game. This win allows Panathinaikos to keep the momentum going as they have won there first two games of the season. And these wins are helped out my Adam Johnson's great start to the campaign. Panathinaikos completely outplayed Panionios having 62% possession with 13 shots at goal. However, a major flaw in there game has been discovered as only two of them hit the target. But lucky enough for Panathinaikos, one of them shots belonged to Adam Johnson with a beautiful low shot which bent into the bottom corner on 32 minutes. This was the only goal of the game but was enough to secure Panathinaikos the points and the man of the match award for Johnson. This performance shows that Adam Johnson really is the main player for Panathinaikos. However, there was another stand out performance for Panathinaikos. Kostas Katsouranis was a huge part of the teams success as he lead from the back like only a true captain can. He put his body on the line for the team blocking loads of incoming shots and making some vital tackles. For Panathinaikos to excel this season Katsouranis is going to have to play like this game in, game out. And this seems almost certain for a player of Katsouranis ability.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. May I just say that Gokhan Tore absolutely SMASHED it. lol, normally not this happy over a friendly:D:o
  6. Re: -Reclaiming England's Lost Glory Actually, I think I may pull out. Anouther GC opened yesterday so I got a team in that and so I have way to many teams and I'm worried I would enjoy the league for a week or two the neglect it which would be selfish for another person who would love the league. Its a great concept and I hope all you guys have fun:). Sorry for being a pain:o
  7. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Hamburg welcome two new players as they send out a message of intent to there rivals Hamburg have announced the signing of two new players both on big money deals. The first player who stumbled into Hamburg airport was Nicolas Anelka. After his short spell with Shanghai Shenhua, Anelka admitted that he just did not get the same buzz playing for a minor team. And that's where Hamburg came in. They offered Anelka a place on there vastly improved team and he had no choice but to accept. The fee is speculated to be in the region of £12,000,000 but this also included other players making the trip to Shanghai. Anelka will make a huge impact on this team leading the attack by example. The second signing made by Hamburg is Senegalese defender Cheikhou Kouyate. Kouyate was Mark's main target and Hamburg paid £16,000,000 for the defender's services. This is a huge boost to Hamburg's defensive line as they did look in need of a big defender. And they have defiantly got that with the signing of Kouyate.
  8. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread lol, I'll just join the long list then:D
  9. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread cheers dude, if I ever take a french team I know who to ask for info:D
  10. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread yeah lol, i need to do some research:o
  11. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread I'm more of a premier league guy with basic knowledge of other leagues. So I know a bit about lyon and Marseille but thats pretty much my ligue 1 knowledge:o
  12. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread lol, i have never heard of any of your players. Trying to make my team more to my knowledge, and that's why I am selling Ramirez
  13. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Gastón Ramirez shown the door but Mark says that "the offer has to be right" Gastón Ramirez has the potential to perform in the top clubs in the world. However, Ramirez has been made to stick around at Bologna despite his desperate pleas to join the bigger leagues. Well, Ramirez's prayers have been answerd as new manager Mark has stated " if you don't want to play for Bologna, then Bologna does not want you to play". When asked the price for his star player, Mark started that he won't be cheap. He said: Whether Ramirez stays or goes, its easy to see that this will probably not be a deal that happens over night. More news when it comes.
  14. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Mark shuts his mouth and gives Westermann his new deals. In reality I realized that most people think his a bit too old to bid:(. Also realized that I probably would not get too much for him so I'll keep him. Besides, he is pretty solid:D
  15. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread ok so I have officially paid my last pound ever to soccer manager..........hopefully:o I took Bologna, now I have a team in pretty much every league that I want to from which I started with:)
  16. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Big Heiko Westermann demanded pay rise is denied, so he is Transfer Listed. Mark going to see what he can get for his captain
  17. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Went all out cash on Cheikhou Kouyate so I think I got him. I don't think I got Anelka and Jelle Vossen but i'll wait and see
  18. Re: -Reclaiming England's Lost Glory Pretty good idea, am interested in taking part
  19. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. ahh i hate the chairman thing, it should be the players choice who he wants to loan out. how about Maximilian BEISTER? it lets me put him on the loan list
  20. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Heung-Min SON and others on my youth team are available for loan if you want him:)
  21. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. And the managers pile in, hopefully i can get a few deals done now
  22. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. wow you are getting a lot done, I can't seem to get any replies from messages:o
  23. Re: .:The Official Thread Of GC 176:. - Revolution of the Turks - Rather win the league then progress in the cup and if I use my first team players then they will be shattered for Wednesday. Besides I probably would not win even if I played my first team:(
  24. Re: .:The Official Thread Of GC 176:. - Revolution of the Turks - Preparing to get smashed in the smfa shield tonight. I have Napoli away but my second team is pretty poor. Not looking too good for Panathinaikos at the moment.
  25. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Not really done too much with Hamburger but hoping to do some deals tomorrow when it opens. I'm looking to buy a solid 89+ striker and have quite a few youth players and others to offer. If you like anyone in my team and are selling some players then i'm on the chat thingy now:) EDIT: Jaroslav Drobny (88 rated, GK) is available for the highest cash offer when the Game-World opens.
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