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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Had a great night in terms of results: GC 5: Sevilla narrowly beat Deportivo 2-1 to send us third in the table. Second half goals from Mark Gonzalez and Clemens Fritz halp us recover from Romano Denneboom's first half goal. Still 8 points off the lead though. GC 34: Roma defeat Fiorentina 4-2 to see us start at the top of the table. Goals from Valon Behrami, Mohamed Sissoko, Taras Mykhalyk and Dimitar Berbatov cancel out a double from Cleiton Xavier. Great start to the season. GC 100: Hofffenheim beat Kaiserslautern 4-1 to climb too second in Division 2. Goals from Jermaine Jenas, Fabrice Abriel and a double from Emanuel Villa secure a great win which should hopefully create the start of a long unbeaten run. GC 172: Swansea managed too steal a last minute equalizer to get a point at Villa Park. A Darren Bent penalty had put the home team up within 3 minutes but a Scott Sinclair goal helps us get a good point to start our season off well.
  2. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Kaiserslautern 1-4 Hoffenheim J.Jenas (6) E.Villa (15) E.Villa (52) E.Benat (65) pen F.Abriel (87) Goals from Jenas, Abriel and two from Villa make the perfect start to my title push. Beat the only team in the league who has a manger so hopefully I can start picking off the unmanaged teams. Also managed to sign two new players in Jan Polak and Alessandro Agostini. My team is starting to pick up.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Hoffenheim spend big to increase chances of promotion. Hoffenheim have spent close to £60,000,000 to make sure that the club can reach division 1 next season. The players that they have bought are: David Fox, Ânderson Polga, Jonathan Bottinelli, Fabrice Abriel, Emmanuel Villa, Elias Kachunga, David Stockdale, David Fuster, Kengo Nakamura, Felix Kroos and brand new captain Phil Neville. We have also been lucky enough to bring in a few players on loan like Jermaine Jenas, Pizarro and new starting goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov. We have a brand new starting lineup which looks strong enough to win division 2: First game in charge is against Kaiserslautern and hoping for a winning start.
  4. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Pretty good Paris Saint Germain in GC 34 Have Ramires, Luiz, Sahko, Adler, Barrios and a load of great youth. Roma would like to do some deals
  5. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Cheers mate And Allan that would be great, thank you
  6. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Jenas would be nice if thats ok
  7. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers I saw that the German league in this championship was a active one to be involved in so I decided to take Hoffenheim in Division 2. Have a few decent players to work with and am also third in the league so I have a healthy position. Hoping to get promoted on my first try, even though I probably won't.
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC 34 Roma: Roma sign Maxi Pereira for 15mil + Juanfran. Think I got a right bargain there to be honest. Also managed to sign Luke Young, Marveaux, Ireland, Simons and Salpingidis for cash so my depth is pretty good. Looking forward to the beginning of the season on saturday.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC 34: Roma With the new season a week away I have been trying to put my own stamp on my new team. Carrick, Iraola and Chantome have left in exchange for Berbatov, Tymoschuk, Gomis, Faizulin and Corchia. Also manged to add Utaka, Spolli and Bottinelli for added depth. Hopefully have a good season in the league and the SMFA shield.
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Have managed to do some deals lately but still have some players available: GC 34 Roma: I'm looking for a 91+ player someone would want to sell. I have Kerzhakov, Chantome, Sissoko and others to offer. If anyone is interested send me a message. GC 5 Sevilla: I'm trying to also sign a 91+ player. I have Dempsey, Fritz and also Serge Aurier available to trade away so if anyone is interested then send me a message.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 172 Official Thread Picked up Swansea. Not too optimistic for survival but we'll give it a go. Trying to buy/loan some players so if you are interested then send me a message
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread ok so the urge of soccer manager has brought me back to playing so I picked up a few teams in some of the GC and i'm looking to put my own stamp on the teams. GC 34 Roma: I'm trying to offload Carrick, Kerzhakov, Iraola and others. Having some trouble selling them so if anyone wants any of my players then send me a message. GC 5 Sevilla: I'm trying to trade Victor Valdes away. If anyone wants a good keeper then send me a message. Hopefully I can get some deals done soon so offer if your interested.
  13. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! QPR add Kader Keita to there signed list. QPR have been busy in the transfer market and today annouced the signing of Ivory Coast striker Kader Keita. Keita joined in a trade which saw Helguson and Mackie leave Loftus Road. Manager Mark Mara had this to say about his newest signing. QPR start there challenge for survival tonight with a trip to the Emirates Stadium. There chances look really slim but Mark seems to be quite optimistic about his chances. Mark sounds optimistic but is he hiding his real beliefs about his teams chances?
  14. Re: Gold Championship 150 Discussion Thread Queens Park Rangers watse no time in bringing new talent to the team. New QPR boss Mark Mara has jumped right into the transfer market, signing many new players for his team. The goal of survival does look challenging but Mark believes that with the new signings they have a small chance of survival. He also gave praise to his first key signing, Jason Roberts. Jason Roberts was comfirmed as Mara's first signing. But Mara has also been looking into the future of QPR. This meant that he was on the look-out for players of the future to play for QPR. The young players Mara is talking about are Tunisian Defender Aymen ABDENNOUR, Abdou Rahman DAMPHA from Gambia, Swiss Left-back Janick KAMBER, Torgeir BORVEN from Norway, Sweedish Forward Niklas BARKROTH, and fromer Chelsea Left-back Patrick VAN AANHOLT for £6,000,000. Mara hopes that he can buy some more players before the start of the season where QPR have a tough game away to Arsenal.
  15. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! Queens Park Rangers and Blackburn Rovers have agreed a £4.5 million deal for Jason Roberts. First player to join QPR but hopefully not the last. He will be my best player when he joins so I am happy with the deal:)
  16. Re: Greatest Football Goals ever Witnessed AjXNc_B3cCc Paul Robinsons goal from a free kick near his own goal. I know its a fluke but still was funny to watch.
  17. Re: GC150 - The Forum Invasion / Choose the League! I managed to buy QPR. Really happy to get a premier league team when the GC had been open for 8 hours.
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I was looking through the teams in GC 150 when I saw QPR pop up. The temptation grew so I decided to buy them. Quite chuffed really as I thought I might off had to be a random team in which I have never heard off before but managed to get QPR so am really happy:).
  19. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejected Aston Villa in GC 98. They have: Ashley Young, James Milner, Stefan Kiessling and alot of 88's and 89's. Also have some really good youth players such as Moussa Sissoko (89) and Georgino Wijnaldum (87), and most of Aston Villa's youth players (Albrighten, Clark etc)
  20. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Starting to get a little annoyed as Hamburg can not seem to win a game. Lost 3-1 to Bayer Leverkusen. So still selling pretty much everyone. Alot 88+ players to offer in trades including Marcell Jansen. Would like to give two of my players for one 91/92 but will also consider other offers .
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I just got a counter offer of Gary MEDEL and Christian CLEMENS for Joan CAPDEVILA. I would be getting Capdevila. What should I do?
  22. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Have not been on the forum lately so I have not been able to give reports on my Hamburger team. Have not been doing too well in the league and also the rating changes were not too kind to me. So, I will consider any offers for my players so if anyone is interested in one of my players then feel free to bid:)
  23. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread Dynamo Kyiv win 4-2 against Terek. Gets me off to a good start to the season with Dynamo Moskva next
  24. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers I drew my opening game 1-1 with Eintracht Frankfurt. Pretty even game so I dont mind too much. Still would have ratherd a win though but who wouldn't:D
  25. Re: GC19 discussion / rumours etc thread I took over Dynamo Kyiv in this setup. Dont have much money but they have some good players. Glad that the season is nearly over aswell so I can start a fresh next season:).
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