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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Alex Telles will finally get his rating change to 90 in the summer? Just got his team to quarter final in the UEFA Championship League..
  2. Get Chiellini.. Will still be very good if he drops to 93.
  3. Very difficult one... You could sell Paqueta, Ruiz and Neves...The others are massive talents,they all will get at least 91+.. Rodri will get +1 at the end of the season. Ndombele (massive talent, could get +1 at the end of the season also) and City still chasing him,they want him to replace Fernadinho, he'll be a great addition.. De Jong,Arthur,Aouar and Harvertz are massive talent... The last two are linked with big clubs, a matter of time they will move to a top club
  4. You obviously don't know how good Vinicius is
  5. The real reason you're having bad result is because your players are not fit... Don't play players when they are not atleast 90% stamina fit. My first advice is to rest all of your players excluding your GK for the next matchday..
  6. What are the chances of Allan and Winajdum increasing to 92 in the summer? Another quick question, can Marquinhos get to 93 in the next review? I have been watching him recently and he has been super good
  7. Rodriguez (AC Milan ) Rodri Hernandez (ATM) Akanji (BVB) Kimpepe (PSG) Sanchez (Spurs)
  8. I have a chance to sign Wiegl, but I'm thinking he might reduce in the summer...In BTW, I have Rodri, Torreira, Allan, Ndombele and Wijnadum (I play 433).
  9. Everything you said is right except that T.Silva and Marquinhos are definite starter at CB while the former still plays CB, the latter doesn't .. Tuchel has converted Marquinhos into a DM and he's performing there... Won't be surprised if SMW changes his primary position to DM in the next few weeks, I don't see him losing his D(C) though
  10. BVB trying so hard to bottle the league...They're average without Marko Reus
  11. Any chance of Telles increasing tomorrow?
  12. I don't want to sign him and he'll not increase...Chances please
  13. What's the chances of Alex Telles increasing to 90?
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