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  1. Re: Midfield master needed It depends on the players positions you need .. I pick DE ROSSI, and SNEIJDER. SNEIJDER plays for Netherlands & Inter (Calcio 1st place) & he scores. DE ROSSI always starts with Roma & plays for Italy.
  2. Re: Berbatov or Luis Fabiano ? Thank you very much guys .. I have made an offer for Luis Fabiano .. The only reason I have been comparing is that Berbatov is playing for Man Utd which is the 1st or 2nd .. won the epl title last season & finished as runner-ups in the champions league while Sevilla didnt win la liga or any european title.
  3. if you have the option of buying one of them .. which one would you do ? Who may rise ?
  4. I wanna buy a GK who's below 88, younger than 25, and may rise SOON to 88 or more. Any recommendations ?!
  5. Re: Cazorla..! Squad: CASILLAS, Iker CLICHY, Gaël HEINZE, Gabriel SERGIO RAMOS, García ANSALDI, Cristian TERRY, John PEPE, Ferreira SAMUEL, Walter CRIS, Marques TOULALAN, Jérémy SNEIJDER, Wesley DE ROSSI, Daniele GAGO, Fernando HAMSIK, Marek ROBINHO, Souza ROBBEN, Arjen MATA, Juan Manuel BARNETTA, Tranquillo KRASIC, Miloš ETO'O, Samuel RAUL, González HIGUAIN, Gonzalo PATO, Alexandre ANELKA, Nicolás OLIC, Ivica LAVEZZI, Ezequiel GUIZA, Daniel I play 4-2-4 I heard Raul & Robinho may drop .. is that true ?!& how about the rest of the squad ?Will they stay, ri
  6. Re: Cazorla..! hmmm.... ?
  7. Cazorla is available now for 22 millions .. I'm thinking of making a bid & I was wondering if he may drop stay or rise .. Also, nobody sent a bid yet for him, so how high should my bid reach if other managers try to sign him ?!
  8. Re: Rising 88 G.K. ya you are right but was Cesar injured at the beginning of the season ?
  9. Re: Rising 88 G.K. hmmm.. he didn't play the last match for Valencia .. Do you think César will replace him till the end of the season ?!!
  10. Re: Rising 88 G.K. Miguel Ángel Moya is available .. should I get him ?
  11. Re: Rising 88 G.K. all are not available..!
  12. Do you think any of the following GKs is rising to 89 or above ? CARSON, Scott CURCI, Gianluca BRUNO, Fernandes DIEGO ALVES, Carreira FELIPE, Luiz
  13. Re: Transfer did not complete yet..! hmmm.. the team got managed & deal collapsed..!
  14. I have made an offer to an unmanaged club regarding a high rated player from about 33 hours .. the offer was accepted after about 22 hours & I got that message saying " the offer has been accepted. The transfer will be completed shortly". I have been waiting until now for the transfer to complete but it didn't do (about 9 hours). I started to have the feeling that the game is slowing down the transfer until the club gets managed & the deal gets canceled... what do you think ?!
  15. Re: Where to report that ?! Thank you Ian very much. I have sent a ticket reporting the deals & explaining everything. That happened before in a different setup & the managers who were involved got banned from managing their teams & their reputation were lowered without even reporting them.
  16. Simply what happens is that .. whenever a team gets unmanaged .. after some hours they get managed & offer their players for all interested clubs .. but with different prices. like $20M for 1 team & $40M for all the other teams. Of course the $20M gets accepted. That happened many times with different teams & players. Also, the name of the managers always have the same first name as that guy who manages to sign the players. I want to report that to SM but don't know where or how can I do it. What do you think ?
  17. Re: Villa & Mata..! I think Mata is as good as Cazorla or may be better. I find no reason why SM may not give him 2 rating points rise. Villa should rise .. Eto'o should do too.
  18. Do you think David Villa & Mata may rise in the next Spanish changes ? I think both are glowing at the moment & may be they deserve a rise. mata -> 91 ? villa -> 96 or 97 ?
  19. Re: Kuyt to 93!? Do you think Kuyt's position may change to Winger ?
  20. Re: For my Messi - Gerrard + Puyol + 45 Million? Of course it's a very good deal but I think his chairman will not accept such an offer.
  21. Re: Urgent ...! Thank you.. I thought of Johnson & Molinaro too. I was going to get Fanni but as he didn't increase, I thought I would get Johnson. But I feel like Johnson may face the same situation as Fanni.
  22. Re: Which Stars Should I Get For My Team? what's your formation ?
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