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  1. Wonderfull Can you show me a print scren of the Formation and tactics to see please.. I Will apreciate.
  2. Do you have Many teams League managed by humans?
  3. I bet you win um a league with no managed human teams.
  4. You are always talk defensive tactics. Its good, but playing always defensive dont win Championships! NEVER... exceptional when playing with BOTS..
  5. Palpiero


    And if i play attack?? Wich should i choose??
  6. Palpiero


    But i i play in MIXED pass should be the DMC or other player??
  7. Palpiero


    But on real World the Dmc is to destroy game not to construct!?!?
  8. Help if i put atack on Wings, wich player in 352 should i put was a Playmaker???
  9. Palpiero


    Hello / Help If i play with the Playmaker who should be my Playmaker??? The best ranking in the team? Or the DMC??
  10. So, the Playmaker could be Havertz and Target Man Immobile??
  11. Perfect.... The Playmaker and the target Man wich should be?? In the position of Immobile or Havertz??
  12. Hello If a play Atack.... Who should be the Playmaker??
  13. But if i put the atack mode is better a player from the midfield?? Right than DMC that ia on defense?? Like in this picture i put The Playmaker Julian Brandt???
  14. Thanks my friend.... And the Playmaker should be N10 or n8???
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