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  1. Dont know That formation... Anyone doesnt know That formation. You are playing the wrong game
  2. 433 obky work ir have the better team.
  3. Hello Does anyone know the order of actualized the leagues of sim Worlds??
  4. And the tatic and instructions for 32221??
  5. Palpiero

    Best lineup

    You have the best team in the world... Its easy
  6. Palpiero

    Best lineup

    For the team and formation 4231B??
  7. Palpiero

    Best lineup

    Instructions?? Show please a print screen
  8. HHello does anyone knows the Country thats going to have actualizations in the Tear?
  9. Palpiero

    Best lineup

    Can you show (print) of the tactics and instructions?? Please
  10. Wonderfull Can you show me a print scren of the Formation and tactics to see please.. I Will apreciate.
  11. Do you have Many teams League managed by humans?
  12. I bet you win um a league with no managed human teams.
  13. You are always talk defensive tactics. Its good, but playing always defensive dont win Championships! NEVER... exceptional when playing with BOTS..
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