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  1. did Gladback get missed or are they getting done tomorrow?
  2. Have to say im loving this destruction of bayern munich in the ratings long long over due but i think pavard should of went up, and why did bayern get done before dortmund?
  3. Im not sure how fabinho injury of a few weeks ago can erase the alst 12months of success he has had deffo riser imo
  4. im assuming werner will get a rise as it says on the players recently changed werner has been edited so has kai havertz coman gnabry pavard etc
  5. ratings are becoming a bit of a joke now tbh de ligt is never 92 no way
  6. anyone can advise me on Bernado silva going up timo werner and Ederson please will they get an increase?
  7. just been told Benzema might be going down to 92 I strongly disagree with this but just wanted the forums opinion please
  8. he did not predict plus 1 for mbappe which i think was a given but he get almost all things right top man imo
  9. How much is Joao Felix expected to rise any chance of 90 or is that wishing for too much lol
  10. Marcelo to drop? I have him but have been made a nice offer
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