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  1. anyone think Werner will get a 92 soon or will he have to move to a bigger team first
  2. So since kane went 95 would it be silly of me to assume Salah is also going 95?
  3. disagree as they still have players to do on man u as no way sanchez escapes with 94 rating still intact think man city will get done before Liverpool do mate
  4. Could Salah go to 95 in the English review due to his 5th place Balon Dor, last season and his start to this season in league and Champions league ?
  5. Hi guys newbie here am I to assume Bayern is done, as hummels and martinez did not drop only boateng and neuer and is lars lukas mai not getting an increase? and is anyone able to tell me which league is next as my team dropped a rating today because of boateng and I truned down a offer for him thinking he would hold rating silly me I guess
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