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  1. I have been offered James Rodriguez for Javier Pastore. Should I take this offer ? Both players aren't in my starting XI. Not even my subsitutes. Any kind soul out there willing to help ?
  2. Re: Riferimento: Re: What is this ?
  3. Re: Riferimento: What is this ? But Hummels and Cleverley for Ramos is that really that high ?
  4. I swapped Sergio Ramos for Mat Hummels and Tom Cleverley and it got reversed by SMFA ? May I know the reason why ? Both of us aren't even the smae people or something. This system is rubbish
  5. Which one should I sell ? - KOVAL, Maxym GK 20 85 4.3M - - LEALI, Nicola GK 19 83 3.0M 16 Jan - ARÉOLA, Alphonse GK 19 77 550k - - KADÚ, Monteiro GK 18 75 290k - - REVYAKIN, Sergey GK 17 75 300k - Int UMTITI, Samuel D(LC) 19 86 5.4M - - VRSALJKO, Šime D(RL) 20 86 5.2M - - DIGNE, Lucas D,DM(L) 19 85 4.4M 16 Jan - REKIK, Karim D(LC) 18 77 580k - - MBAYE, Ibrahima D(LC) 18 75 290k 16 Jan - ASHONG, Nii Nortey D(L) 18 75 290k 16 Jan - DIJKS, Mitchell D(L) 19 60 10k 16 Jan - ZOUMA, Kurt D(RC) 18 85 4.6M - - INSUA, Pablo D© 19 77 5
  6. rave12

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Blackburn +0.5 @ 2.09 Pinnacle Tagging along with Jase here. Both sides are in pretty poor form as they both sit in the bottom three of the ladder. Their main problem is that they have been conceding goals, and with both sides being able to score of late, can see no reason why they both sides do not score here. However, though Sunderland has O'Neill in as a new manager, it will take time for him to make the improvements that he is capable of. He has key players like Cattermole out, and Bendtner doubtful, while Blackburn look upbeat after their 4-2 win over Swansea las
  7. rave12

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Novara vs Napoli - Napoli to win 1.95 at Boyle Sports (3 units) A lot of the points dropped by Napoli this season can be attributed to their focus on the Champions League rather than the domestic league. But with the group stages now over and a mid season break coming up shortly, Mazzari shouldn't be worrying about rotation or injuries for the next few months and this should allow Napoli to regain focus on climbing higher up the league. There is already a 7 point gap between them a Champions League spot that they need to recover and for them it would be unforgivable to
  8. this is my fren lyon squad and he dont want know what to do Which player should i keep and which to sell ? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=2277582&clubid=17277529&sid=46347
  9. Re: What should I buy ,sell does aguero going to rise cause i heard ppl saying that he is gonna drop and yoann gourcuff is in transfer ban
  10. I have changed my Atletico Madrid please tell me your opinion Who should i sell , buy http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=911372&clubid=17277339&sid=46347
  11. Re: Need help with my new Atletico Madrid How is it doing ?
  12. What do you guys think about this any more player should i buy http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=911372&clubid=17277339&sid=46347 Soon getting Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lloris What is the suitable tactic to use ? Currently going on 4-4-2 ----------------------Asenjo--------------------- (Maybe Lloris) Kolarov-------Bonnuci----------Pablo--------Valera Jurado-------Sinis-----------Reyes---------Jesus Navas -----------------Ben Arfa--------Diego Forlan
  13. Re: Mario Gomez im sorry did not state it clearly im the one getting Gomez and since gomez cant be done is Miroslav Klose ok ? or maybe robben arjen
  14. is it worth trading Mario Gomez and Bastian SCHWEINSTEIGER for Sergio Aguero
  15. Re: Need help for my Atletico Madrid any other suggestion?
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