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  1. Since u follow Belgians, any idea how good is Dante rigo? Also what do you think of gillekens? Thanks.
  2. No EU sorry. Brexit means brexit 😛
  3. India mate. If u want update for any Indian risers pm me.. https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.4f2da6f9157d1fff00234e9a54b94120&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fk61nOBRRBMxva%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=naD5%2bnh3xrW5kO4yrJ%2fGBg
  4. Thanks TM. Thoughts on Napoli striker vinicius on loan at Rio Ave? Looked pretty solid vs benfica when I watched. Thanks.
  5. Lasf time iirc Brazil, Mexico, uruguay were done before Argentina, I think.
  6. Hey TM, since you are the portuguese league expert, thoughts on loaned out Heriberto Tavares? And how good is goncalo cardoso? Thanks.
  7. Thanls for the reply, you have been great help on this forum. I see Malinovisky linked to Roma, reckon he's good enough for them?
  8. I wud keep ndombele tbh, boys a beast, him and aouar are too good. And ndombele will most likely get big move in summer.
  9. Interesting. Thanks. Out of curiosity who wud u put on fks out of haz kroos ozil, by your logic ozil is the one who shoots for me tbh. Thanks. I tend to agree tbh.
  10. Thanks for reply Kevlad. Others I have are ozil costa then bunch of ragtag 90s 89s like sniejder cazorla etc. And yes that's what I am trying to figure out if fk taker Stat on soccerwiki has an effect so would u rather have higher rated fk taker or a 89/90 with fk ability on soccerwiki. Ozil scores sometimes when I put him tho so I'll put for now I guess but yeah would like to figure that out. Anyway, checked on morale it doesn't change on transfer. I agree about ajax in general but Sm been lenient recently and ajax doing well in CL last couple seasons can have effect, but I agree
  11. Hey everyone, Chances of Tadic getting +1 to 90 in Netherlands update? Also since this is the most active thread on forum I will ask here, does a player's morale change after a transfer? I want to buy a player short term who is with a comp team but has below 50 morale.. So just wondering. Last question, wud u rather out kroos on free kicks or hazard and why? Or a lower rated fk expert on them? Because those two are highest rated players I have thanks. Thanks everyone, good to see forum back active again.
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