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  1. However,@Islelovesoccer Before the drafting begins,it wouldn't be out of place to provide in depth explanation and rules on how the drafting procedure would be,for the benefit of few relatively rookie managers like us😀😀
  2. Okay. So when would the drafting and gameworld begin?
  3. Tempting offer,but I'd keep Frenkie. Bale can only go downwards rating wise,with age not on his side too. Maguire's a decent player but he's still got to prove himself in United,especially an unfavourable start for the red devils. De Jong's performance for both club and country would surely be on the rise.He's young too
  4. Guys, What do you think of giving up Matteo Politano(Inter) for Mikel Oyazarbal(R.Sociedad)? What are their potentials rating wise?
  5. Fingers crossed,then.His value has been doubled from 120k to 240k in the last few hours
  6. Great talent, no doubt but one can't help but wonder if he would be given much of a chance at Barcelona, as his substitute appearance came due to injuries to first team forwards. I'm surely getting him in,though
  7. Hey guys, What chances does Tammy Abraham stand at Chelsea.Will hr get playing time at the club?,and if he eventually does,would he get a good deal of goals under his belt? Again;is a rise guaranteed for him in the next major rating review?
  8. Thanks bro!. I'll get back to you soon with details of matches I'll test it with,
  9. Guys anyone knows of a tactical help thread?
  10. Well SS Lazio in particular was a disappointment....
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