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  1. will zapata get a rise to 91 at atalanta? thanks
  2. ive been offered everton soares, where will he end up and whats his ratings limit?
  3. hello all should i swap erikson for gnarby? thanks
  4. erikson or melo? will erikson drop in the next year or will he keep his 94 at inter? do inter have a squad cap?
  5. whats everyones though on maddison? whats his rating potential? do he have enough talent to go 93 in the future, i dont see anyone apart form MUFC being able to afford him.
  6. will ederson at city rise? surely he must
  7. only five points behind the leaders in la liga, so would be harsh if they picked up form and won something. should be droppers in barca and real Madrid if thats the case.
  8. anyone else gutted about koke drop to 93
  9. L JOVIC OR HAALAND? Who would you have, both not starts just long term potential.
  10. for all the barca die hards out there, has anyone watched Xavier Mbuyamba in the youth team? whats his potential, can he make the step up? thanks
  11. quick question guys skrinair or m d light? do you think skrinair will move in the summer? would you swap koke & c erikson for kdb? thanks
  12. hey whats the chances of ARKADIUSZ MILIK rising to 91 this review?
  13. whats the latest with cavani? will he drop? will he go in January with PSG top heavy squad?
  14. is lengelet worth keeping? will he be first choice at barca next year? could he improve do youthing rating? also what about piatek & pepe what are their rating potential?
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