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  1. RB is my weakest spot everybody on my 1st team is 92+ for RB I have J Cancelo and florenzi, could these rise in the next review, manaols got a random bump to 92 could these two. for lb i have sandro and Robertson, im thinking of selling sandro to sign a better RB as there is no decent prospects at rb who will go 91 92, kimich, TAA, all taken. theres plent of LB with good potential to replace sandro, so whose the best to buy out of the following and what do you tihkn the highest they could rise to R gurero (dortmund) B chillwell ( lericester) F mENDY (LyON)
  2. i hope so i have donny van de beek- i think he is going unnoticed but is a real star. anyone see him at a big club in the summer. reminds me of erikson, just nicely going along with his own business, letting the oethers get the plaudits.
  3. morning guys going to epxand my sqaud for some potential risers do you think they will raise and also think they will move to a bigger lcub in the summer k tierney celtic richarlson everton fabinho - liverpool
  4. how many years has i rakitic have left as a 93? when is he epxted to drop cheers
  5. morning guys so a player at rival has handed in his transfer request but the manager doesn't log on, is there a set time when the chairman will accept the bid? on a side noteis dybala & sterling expected to rise to 94 and which one would you choose.
  6. so im selling rudigier + mahrez for combined £35 mil buying nainggolan for £25 mil to be a starter till son rises then i will sell him on next season or use him to part ex for a talent. and lengelet will be my 4th back up cb after vvd skrinair and marquinos. amazing how things work out when you dont rush into transfers.
  7. okay will follow your advice - so who is more liley to go 92 next j cancelo or rudiger?
  8. so two quick questions iove been offered lengelet (cb barca) for my ruguani ( cb juve) is lengelet expected to rise and whats his potential, ive never seen him play, could he get to 92+ should i swap marquinos + son for mane? mane would improve my team and i think he could get to 94. son is a starter so its 1+ improvement and marquionos is just cover - i have VVD, Skrinaer, rudiger, mililto and soon to be lengelet. cheers
  9. so i had to sell h m son and 20 mill for Erikson, hoping erikson goes to madrid and replaces modric now who to swap for laporte - marqiunohss or skrinair? then my team is complete. cheers
  10. so im going to swap skrinair plus 10 for erikson and also swap marqiunos for laporte. what you think guys
  11. the weakest spot on my team is lam who is son at 92. i can trade him and marquinos for isco. should i do it? now zidane is back at madrid could he get to 94?
  12. quick one Erikson or son? - could eriksen go 94 if he gets a move? also im seeing lots of keep f mendy posts, is he any good whats his potential? could he get 92 in a few years with a move? same with j firpo. could alba or sandro get 93 in the next review? lemar or brandht? finally kieta or rabiot? cheers guys
  13. hi guys one for seria a experts been offered zaniolo for my guendouzi- should i swap? is zaniolo going to be as good as he is being made out to be? its a long term game world so i dont mind the waiting game. will he get 91+ last one - son or d ali? whose most liley to go 93 and in the future 94. im thinking ali as he may move away from spurs. cheers
  14. just curious to know peoples opinion rodri hernandez, i can see he is an ever present in the midfield, if athletico finally get that long overdue champions league win and runners up in spl - what will he rises to. ive watched him a few times and think he will be one of the best cdm in the world in a few years - whats your guy thoughts
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