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  1. hey whats the chances of ARKADIUSZ MILIK rising to 91 this review?
  2. whats the latest with cavani? will he drop? will he go in January with PSG top heavy squad?
  3. is lengelet worth keeping? will he be first choice at barca next year? could he improve do youthing rating? also what about piatek & pepe what are their rating potential?
  4. nope but just by reading about, it just seems way to complex for what is a passingthe time game, managers, agent & shareholders, buying and selling shres for real money, buying coins???, just seems to much. nobody i speak to is interested in it and would rather they improved the game world.
  5. it looks a bag sh*t if im honest, cant see anyone in any the gw im in joining it,
  6. howl ong will William CARVALHO keep his rating for? who would you keep him or sissoko?
  7. does anyone think skrinair has a chance of rising? marquions & koulaby got rises.
  8. Defintly bought the hype - L allan is the best player in that team and hes still 91 rated.
  9. on another note, with guey rising to 90 & doucoure aswell will andre silva go to 90 at barca review?
  10. K NAVAS won three ucl and didnt get past 92, ederson just won back to back pl and only just got 93,
  11. with this crazy review of the epl does anyone think that salah will go 96? allison to 94 is madness so anything is possible
  12. its a very competitive gw, who do you think will hold their rating for longer?
  13. e dzeko or g higain? need a back up striker who to go for? t hinking dzeko as hes cheaper and hopefully keep his rating and is off to inter i tihnk.
  14. he must be, stats, talent & achievement wise should be plus, if youd ask any club in the world if they could sign one player i bet 99% would go for him
  15. i have both eray cumerts (swiss cb) one is retiring, what happens? do i get his value back? does this happen at the end of the season? thanks
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