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    Re: Geovanni Hull have managed to get four points from the big four, surely that will help their case? Besides, they're getting points almost every week at the minute, that must help.
  2. Toon


    Given his current hot streak of form with Hull City could he be in the frame for a decent rise to his rating of 86? Given that Hull have managed to maintain their good form beyond a few games and the Brazilian has kept his form going I think he (not to mention a few other Hull players) could do quite well next time the ratings arr done.
  3. Re: Luiz RONALDO : How long can this last? I'd say send him down to 87 for now, if he performs well for Corinthians then he'll probably deserve to keep that rating.
  4. Re: Drogba for who? You'd normally never conside selling Drogba in the first place, but he's had a miserable season so far at Chelsea and this poor form could see him lose maybe one point next time the rankings are done. That said, he came off the bench and scored last time out, so that might be a bit premature. Has Drogba actually played poorly for you? If he hasn't then I'd suggest hanging on to him.
  5. Toon

    Abou Diaby

    Very interested in this young man. He's currently at Juventus in my set-up and his asking price is a mere £6Million which I think is pretty good for a 22 year old, 88 rated midfielder. The problem is that I don't see him getting anywhere in his current role at Arsenal but he could do a Lassana Diarra and move to a slightly lesser club and become a more regular player and go on to have a better careet. perhaps?
  6. Re: Stupid question, but... Darn! The game is against the runaway leaders, so if the deals don't go through before I have to leave I'll have to cancel the deals, play the players on the way out then re-negotiate again afterwards. Thanks for the replies anyway.
  7. Re: What would you do? Well, ok but I'm taking part it a youth tournament at the moment so my youth players are listed too I'm afraid...
  8. I have two good transfer deals that are under-way at the moment. Now, these are basically straight player swaps so my question is this. Both of these players are going to be in my first-team, but I will be at work before they sign tomorrow and therefore I won't be able to pick them for a big game we have. If I put the players that they are being swapped for in the first team before the deadline, will the players that have arrived in exchange simply fill the same slots? For instance, say I was exchanging Shay Given for Gianluigi Buffon. If I had Shay Given in my team would he, on the exchange conformation simply be replaced by Buffon in that position?
  9. How would you formate my team, just wondering if anyone had any thoughts (only listed my 80+ players)? If no-one can be arsed to reply don't worry, I understand. Habib Beye will soon be swapped for Tomas Uljfalusi Obafemi Martins will soon be swapped for Diego Milito
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... He's certainly worthy of 90, but I can't see him being able to reach any higher level because of his chronic inconsitency and the poor state of both his club and country. Milito on the other hand is prospering in Serie A, will possibly get another point increase given his immense scoring record (remember, he's doing it for Genoa, not Milan or something) and perhaps will be snapped up by a bigger side at some point. So yes, I think this deal will be allowed to go ahead. Martins has a decent record for me in the league, but he never manages to deliver against the stronger sides, much like in reality.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sorry, my mistake not making it clear. I'm Newcastle and I have Martins, that's a deal I'm considering making for Diego Milito.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... £1.4Million plus Obafemi Martins (90) for Diego Milito (93), any thoughts?
  13. Re: Is this a good deal or not? Thank you all for your opinions. I've decided not to purchase Ronaldinho at this time. The teams above me in our division have too much quality for me to catch this time out without the purchase of several high class players, so I'll keep him on my shortlist and stick to making cheaper signings for now and allow a little more money to build up. I signed a huge mass of 90/91/92 players a while ago and they lose their Transfer Bans next month, so I can probably use some of them (as a few haven't impressed such as Trochowski) to save more money. My apologies, will remember that in future.
  14. I'm Newcastle United in the top division of my set-up. It's an English only game so Barcelona are unmanaged. Now Ronaldinho is still at Barcelona. My question is thus: Is £10Million plus Dirk Kuyt (91) and Obafemi Martins (90) a worthwhile deal to make for 96 rated Ronaldinho? Martins has been quite good for me this season and it'd be a shame to sell him, but Kuyt has been average and I don't see him improving rating again given how little he gets to do at Liverpool these days. What do you all think please? I just want to be able start competing to win the league rather than staying higher up through beating lesser teams but not pushing anywhere else. I currently have £24.9Million so I'd have 14.9 left.
  15. Does anyone have any experience with this man? I'm after a new RB to replace Habib Beye (90) who hasn't been good enough. His price is good, but of course his age is always a factor, is he worth my getting? He's the most affordable RB I've found (unless anyone else has any other suggestions). Thank you for any help.
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