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  1. Re: Manchester United Help Nasri?, he could be my new CM, he is performing well at arsenal, Well i would like to buy benzema, but berbatov is available for 15 million what to u guys say?, by the way can u rate it my squad out of 10 and tell me where to improve on. Thanks, Amar
  2. Re: Manchester United Help yeh sure mate Buffon Capdevilla Panucci Wes Brown PUYOL, Carles CORDOBA, Iván MALDINI, Paolo ZANETTI, Javier MIGUEL VELOSO, Luís JUNINHO, Pernambucano KAKA, Ricardo RONALDO, Cristiano RIBERY, Franck ROBINHO, Souza ROBBEN, Arjen MESSI, Lionel ROONEY, Wayne IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan PATO, Alexandre TONI, Luca This is my team
  3. Hello fellow forumers, i am Amar, rep 85, and i have a class manchester united team, but i need some help regarding transfers. ok so this is my problem. I need the following players; Nesta-£18.8M Samir Nasri-£26.2M Karim Benzema-£28.5M Marcos Senna-£8.9M so this my problem they all play for manchester city in the setup they are unmananged, in this setup unmanaged clubs can only pay cash for players. The setup is locked, so no knew manager can take over. So how would i buy these players?, is there deterent tactics i can use to deter the managers away from buying them?, there transfer bans end febuary 16 2009, so they could go to my rival clubs. I currently have 11.4 million of a tranfer budjet left so is there a way i can buy all these players. Thanks very much i will rep anyone who helps me thanks, Amar
  4. hello, fellow managers, i need some help, i have my eye on angel di maria who is at a external club, (i am in a english setup), i am thinking of signing him, but is he worth it?, he has had a decent olympic games with argentina, and real madrid have been after him so shall i go a head and sign him, will his rating increase? thanks, amar, best manchester united manager ever
  5. Hello. I need some help regarding my manchester united team... ok so this is the problem i want ribery as he is a favourate player of mine.. but i am low on cash so i have considered a deal for him... vidic+5 mill=ribery. Ribery is on bayern munich, so wot do u say? shall i do the deal? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi buddys is anyone making bought a new setup for today?. As i want to know the time so i can get a good team, i have always wanted a top team in a spanish setup THanks
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