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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Said it before, will say it again. Was prevoiusly flamed by a section of our fans saying oh how dare you point the finger at our owners when they allocate the money for Rodgers and his committee to spend. It is pointless to point the gun at Rodgers in regards to the transfer market particularly due to the fact that he doesn't have full control over transfers. Our record in the transfer market starts from the hierarchy at the top. Our owners are just not ambitious enough in regards to competing for top talent. Changing managers wont do a single thing. Rodgers has shown last season he has the tactical fortitude Suarez or not. I don't think even Jose could do much better with the current squad. Our best player is a 19 year old with our best striker out injured. As fans we need to question why we fail in the transfer market. Are our owners reluctant to pay top wages and so settle on 80-90K players such as Lallanas and Markovic and thus miss out on 170K a week Costa and Sanchez ? I don't really ponder too much about the Costa deal because of the Jose factor. But Arsenal should not be really pipping us to a player who would have been the ideal replacement for Suarez. Carragher has also raised questions about the so called 'Transfer Committee'. Think we all should as opposed to pointing the gun at Rodgers.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey everyone going to keep this short and sweet. Would very much appreciate the help in regards to my team. Would appreciate if anyone can help me in regards to predicting a potential rise too see whether its worth swapping any of my players for some available ones. Charlton Athletic Benatia possible rise to 93 if he wins titles at Bayern at end of the season ? Pogba +1 = 92 ? Isco +1 = 92 ? James +2 = 93 ? ( WC + R.Madrid form) Matic +1 = 92 ? Kroos +1 =94 ? Gotze +1 =94 ? Costa +1 = 94 ? Alexis Sanchez + 1 = 93 ? ( He has been fantastic over the last 12 months for Club and Country. Barca and Arsenal. Chile v England and the recent W.C ) Cheers everyone
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Going to keep this short and sweet and would much appreciate the help ! Di Maria vs Bale Isco vs Ramsey Benetia worth getting ? Other Cb Varane Hummels Godin Cheers lads !
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Can anyone suggest a RB that is on the verge of reaching 90 within the next rating valuation ? Currently only have Carvajal at RB with Marquinhos as back up Cheers
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sell my Robert Lewandowski for £50 Million and pick up Diego Costa for 20 Million ? Initial impressions look like Lewa is struggling at Bayern as they play a more possession based game as opposed to a more direct at Dortumund where Lewandowski thrived. Diego Costa on the other hand is the undisputed main man at Chelsea for Jose and has started really well. Who's the better buy ? Leaning towards Costa as I feel he can get a 95 if Chelsea win the BPL as he is main goal scorer for them. Lewandowski just looks thrown in to the mix as opposed the team built around him as is the case with Costa. Also have Ibra, Messi, Sturridge Cheers everyone
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I agreed man, as I do now. You can't sell a player like that and not sign someone who is of close enough quality to that level without feeling the ill effects of it. Unlike yourselves, we have a peculiar knack of selling world class players and replacing them with average ones. It's just a twisted cycle rinse and repeat, with each time we come close to the holy grail, our best talent leave. We're pretty much Dortumund with the only difference being that Dortumund actually win trophies. Iv said this before, I think in the modern game our owners just don't have the financial capability to compete for major honours. Our owners bought the club on the premises of FFP which is a gamble to see if UEFA go through with it.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Right now where are all the Lallana fan boys who were against signing proven European pedigree players ? You don't win anything with the fantasy obsession that we currently have of buying over priced British players and nurturing them in to stars. England simply has never had the talent pool to develop technically proficient world class players with the majority of English players relying soley on physical attributes such as pace and power. Dear oh dear, we don't learn do we. 2011 Downing, Carrol , Adam. 2014: Lallana and Lambert costing 30 million between them. Raheem Sterling , Daniel Sturridge and Jordan Henderson are our core and we should be complementing these players with world class players to elevate their own games as did Suarez last season. Lallana is overated and offers nothing in regards to attacking flair and clearly doesn't have the awareness to offer an attacking threat in the final third. Poor signing. I said this before on the forum and was lambasted by Liverpool fans who had an obsession with this British flavour of the month hype that was perpetuated by the media. Markovic at 20 Million ? This is perhaps the worse deal of the summer. Has shown no glimpses of why we paid such a high fee for such an unproven youngster. Stewart Downing in 2011 seemed a much more calculated risk. Serves FSG and our deluded fans right who think we can offload a 75 Million goal scoring machine and replace the viod with a few Southampton players and unproven youngsters. FSG are clearly out of their depth in regards to this. They perhaps had hindsight Suarez would be leaving and yet they didn't make a more conceffort in to signing Alexis Sanchez and thought we could do a cheap 2 in 1 deal and get both Lallana and Markovic for the same combined wages. When you lose a world class players you try and sign a player who is close enough to that tier who is potentially available. Falcao Sanchez I don't buy the whole Alexis preferred London crap that the FSG camp have put out because that isn't clearly the case with Aguero, Falcao, Di Maria, Jovetic, Yaya, Silva and neither of those players joined Manchester because of the London Eye. So to summarise we have lost out best player. Done a spurs. Disarmed ourselves in the process, armed a Rival in the process of Arsenal and sitting in midtable obsecurity. Screw FSG. Can't keep world class players and can't buy them either. Only content on purchasing 80K a week players in the hope for which they can sell to the big clubs for mega profit in their prime. Go back to baseball with your dysfunctional 'moneyball' model because in Football or 'Soccer' as you pronounce it, there is a direct correlation between world class talent and success.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ronaldo is otentially available. Ibrahimovic is potentially available Costa is potentially available Currently have the following as Wingers. Marco Reus Eden Hazard Neymar Mario Gotze James Rodriguez Who would you potentially give up to sign Ronaldo ? Who would you sign out of Diego Costa or Zlatan Ibrahimovic ? Current strikers : Messi Sturridge Lewandowski Falcao Cheers lads
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That pretty much sums up the Adam Lallana and Lazar Markovic deals
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I seriously doubt Liverpool will go after a World Class attacking player to replace the departure of Luis Suarez. The general indication of our transfer policy under FSG suggests that we will purchase players who will have significantly lower wage demands with an initial transfer fee of around the 15-25M region. This puts us out of the running for 'Marco Reus, Vidal' type of deals our fans are fantasizing over. I earlier put forward the notion that we cant compete financially in the transfer market and it clearly stems from our inability to offer an attractive wage package to prospective targets. People on this forum may put forward the argument that 'FSG have provided the resources but it isn't their fault after it was wasted by the managers' but however this is clearly ignoring one of the most important aspects of football transfers, besides the initial transfer fee, the wages. The majority of our transfer business is dictated by the FSG policy of recruiting players who are not established at a WC class level and who will come in on relatively low wages. I recall when we first signed Luis Suarez he was signed on a fairly modest contract of 60K. The same with Andy Carrol, he signed on a contract around 70K-85K despite Liverpool paying £22 and £35 Million respectively for the pair in January 2011. People will point out we spent £35 Million on Andy Carrol, but however if you put in to comparison Alexis Sanchez costing a rumored £30 Million, with a wage package of around 150K, the total cost of the transfer comfortably exceeds the Andy Carrol deal. We are comfortable in spending £25 Million on initial transfer fees as long as the wage demands of the players remain modest. Spending £25 Million on a player who will be on a 70K contract will be far more economical as opposed to signing a player who will cost an initial £20 Million on 150-200K a week. Lallana was signed for £25 Million on a contract rumored to be around 70K a week. Markovic was signed for £20 Million and it is fair to say that he wont be on a deal that exceeds 65-70K per week. Downing was signed for £20 Million and he was on 80K a week. I am of the firm belief that we can't compete in the transfer market under FSG because we cant offer competitive wages and I do believe this policy will come back to bite us in the rear end. We have sold Luis Suarez a player who has scored 31 goals last season and in the process we have strengthened a rival in the form of Arsenal by losing out on Alexis Sanchez. We have since gone about our business by acquiring a somewhat technically adept English play maker (Rare at that) from a side that finished 8th in the League. We have also added a 32 year old impact sub and a promising youngster from Germany. Both are decent deals for squad rotation but neither show any real significant intent to compete in the UCL and for the BPL. Not too fussed about the Remy deal but I really am surprised we are pining our hopes on an unproven 19 year old from Benfica and a former Southampton play maker who couldn't consistently make the starting eleven for a national team that couldn't beat Costa Rica in the WC. Without Suarez we are one Sturridge injury away from slipping back in to mediocrity.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Right guys I have quite the dilemma for my star studded Sheffield Wednesday team Which 4 strikers should I keep out of the following ? Neymar Falcao Luis Suarez (on 200K a week) Wayne Rooney Robin Van Persie Daniel Sturridge Robert Lewandowski Also have Mario Gotze and Marco Reus who can play as Strikers. Cheers everyone
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Luis Suarez vs Lewandowski ? Other Strikers include Bony, Sturridge and Alexis Sanchez Cheers Lads
  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Anyone feel Mario Gotze may get a +1 to 94 and be level with Mesut Ozil ? He pretty much scored the goal that handed Germany the WC with a sublime finish and he pretty much proved he can step up when required. He has had a better season than Mesut Ozil both statistically and in terms of trophies.
  14. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Thread Mario Gotze to 99 no doubt
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lads does anyone recommend signing Wilfried Bony ? Looking for a 4th choice striker to play behind Lewandowki, Alexis Sanchez and Daniel Sturridge. Does anyone think he has the potential to rise to 91-92 in the future ? Cheers, Amar
  16. Re: World Cup risers Partially agree with this. However one shouldn't underestimate the importance of the World Cup. A World Cup year helps those players who perhaps should have gotten a rise earlier but didn't due to unexplainable reasons. Alexis Sanchez and James Rodriguez both should have been given their respective +1 prior to the WC, but I believe they have consolidated their claims for a +1 rise with their impressive performances for both club and country. It would be a travesty if these two in particular didn't get their +1 to 93 and 92 respectfully particularly after shining for both club and country over the course of the year. I can also see Hummels, Kroos and Muller getting a +1 if Germany manage to win the WC.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Get Vela. Younger and is frequent scorer in a Real Soceidad side. Has far more potential to grow and rise than Garay and can perhaps rise further if he can secure a move to a bigger team. Garay wont go any higher than 91 since he has moved to Zenit. Pretty much dead stock since his move to Russia.
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