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  1. Take out Mahrez one reason Florenzi is damn to valuable SM wise covers alot of ground I love him in terms of SM ... you can find a AMRLC F (RL) 91 like Mahrez easily
  2. In a new gw how many days you need to wait for random teams to bid for your unwanted players on transfer list?
  3. Football is much more than stats if you look at them Donny has better numbers than 99% of MFs if you watch an Ajax game, you can see why no one can press high Ajax becouse of Frenkie he drops between 2 cbs and Ajax can get in a transition easily.
  4. Do you think Mandzukic will hold his rating till January he hasnt scored alot but still is crucial member of Juve
  5. Vinicius plays for RM , will surely get another rise becouse its a big hype about him aswell for Neres if Ajax doesnt get another review he is stuck at 88 till January
  6. Longterm it is, Bernardo is a potential 94 player just like Sadio plus Foden you cant lose with this deal.
  7. Will SM drop Bonaventura who was injured for entire season?
  8. Zinchenko should get a 89 , such an underrated player
  9. I had a similar problem with CR7 last season in one GW, this season is Rakitic out . Ive started to pray not to win games, I pray to finish them all healthy.
  10. Gaston Perreiro 90 potential , 10 goals 5 asists this season ?
  11. Tell me other 91 midfielders in that GW I really think you can do better
  12. Felipe Anderson back to 91? 8 goals 4 asists Ricardo Perreira 90 in the next review?
  13. Thank you guys for responding about loan rules. Politano should get a 90 raise but there is a chance that Inter doesnt exercise his buy option then there is going to be a problem if he goes back to Sasuolo. What do you think about Mancini potential 87+ ? He looks promising .. Buying him now is a sure cash win after next review I think.
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