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  1. Re: Urgent tactic help Your Theory has been on my mind lol, its annoying dont you think, its hard work getting derby good lol. looks like il have to settle for winning division 2 once more
  2. Re: Urgent tactic help any help?........
  3. Re: Urgent tactic help hello this is my derby team and i could use a little help. its my 4th season with this team which i have had from the begining of the gameworld. i win division 2, i get relegated, i then win division 2 again and once more i get relegated i jus dont get it can any1 suggest some tactical help? LLORIS, Hugo GGk 23 92 £24.7M M'BOHLI, Raïs GGk 24 83 £1.7M AOGO, Dennis LB-DMLB/DM 23 88 £5.3M LAHM, Philipp RB-LBRB/LB 26 94 £27.5M SAGNA, Bacary RBRB 27 92 £14.2M CHIELLINI, Giorgio CB-LBCB/LB 25 94 £28.4M TOURE, Kolo CB-RBCB/RB 29 92 £13.2M COMPPER, Marvin CB-LBCB/LB 25 87 £3.7M BRANDAO, Gonçalo CB-LBCB/LB 23 86 £3.7M ZIZOV, Eli LM-AMLM/AM 19 71 £10k WEISS, Vladimir RM-WRM/Wing 20 84 £3.4M DIARRA, Lass DM-CMDM/CM 25 92 £17.5M BUSQUETS, Sergio DM-CMDM/CM 22 91 £15.3M DELPH, Fabian CM-LMCM/LM 20 83 £2.7M VASQUEZ, Omar CMCM 20 70 £10k FRANCO, Pedro CMCM 19 70 £10k SNEIJDER, Wesley AM-CMAM/CM 26 95 £31.3M JOVETIC, Stevan AM-FAM/Fwd 20 90 £13.5M HONDA, Keisuke AM-CMAM/CM 24 87 £3.6M KAMEL, Ahmed Ali AM-FAM/Fwd 24 74 £160k ARSHAVIN, Andrei W-FWing/Fwd 29 94 £18.9M ROBBEN, Arjen W-FWing/Fwd 26 94 £26.7M PACHECO, Dani F-WFwd/Wing 19 75 £410k 0 TORRES, Fernando CF 96 £43.2M Lloris GK Sagna RB Toure RCB Chiellini LCB Lahm LB Diarra DM Busquets RCM Sneijder LCM Arshavin RWG Torres CF Robben LWG 4-3-3 wingers Tackling - Hard Mentality - Attacking Passing style - Direct Attacking style - Down left (stronger side of team) Tempo - Fast Pressing - All over Counter Attack Playmaker - Robben Target man - Torres Thanks
  4. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Mastering all your guns is pointless IMO, just keep prestigeing till you get to the final prestige level then master the guns, for those people that havent prestiged for that very reason your missing out on new titles, that you can only unlock when you prestige, some titles help you in the game. Personally all i look at is my kill to death ratio, takes longer to prestige this way but i enjoy a battle! recently though iv been getting hacked off with people useing glitches to gain advantage, the other day i was playing and some geezer sent out 12 pred missiles in a row!! how boring! this is on the ps3.
  5. Hi to all the scouting masters out there, personally i dont have a clue how you guys get most of these predictions right but anyway the point of this thread is that im after some risers that are in the 70's and will rise 80+. Also Landon Donovan has impressed me very muchly during his loan spell at everton could he gain a rise from his performances in England? Thanks for your time and hopefuly the risers u decide to put dwn
  6. Re: Ancelotti leaves Milan - Leonardo takes over With Hiddink staying on at Chelsea as an advisor, i personally hope and think Ancelloti will not be in charge of Chelsea. Is he a decoy/smokescreen for the arrival of a different manager? Hiddink staying on makes me think so, this makes me think the manager will be a Dutchman.Why do i think this? With the new manager taking tips/ideas etc. from Hiddink in the advisor role, speaking dutch/english would make the manager and Hiddink communicate easier. Rijkaard is still out of a job. This is just my theory. As regards to the paper talk/gossip of Chelsea signing Pirlo if Ancelotti does arrive, i think is a bad move, he is an outstanding player but age isnt on his side and for 20mill dont think he's worth the money.Chelsea already have an ageing side so we should aim at younger players.
  7. Re: 99 for Messi? I dont think that you could possibly rate Messi higher than Ronaldo some points. 1. Ronaldo plays in the Premier League, by far a more physical league than La Liga. 2. Ronaldo is like a salmon in the air, scoring more headed goals than Messi. 3. Ronaldo can score from just about anywere on the pitch, Porto goal for instance. 4. Freekicks. So no 98 was fair for Messi.
  8. Re: Barcelona vs Manchester United Predictions From both legs he was Barca's stand out player, Chelsea couldnt handle him, so they put him on his **** everytime lol.Was just my opinion. When was he declared fit?Havent heard anything yet bar you.
  9. Re: Barcelona vs Manchester United Predictions Man United to win normal time, why simple Barca's best player out injured Iniesta in my opinion is awsome, under rated on sm, i would even go as far to say he better than Messi, some of you might laugh at my statement but were was messi in the Chelsea matches????? Other factors for a Man United win Barca without a recognised lb rb, they took 180+min to score past Chelsea, Uniteds defence is better imo and im a Chelsea fan. Come on United do it for England.
  10. Re: If Drogba Leaves - Who Should Chelsea Replace Him With? It all depends on Chelsea's ambitions tactical wise. If we were to keep the same style of play as present Benzema is a no imo. Ibrahimovic would be the obvious choice if Chelsea could prize him from Inter, cant see Mourinho letting him leave to Chelsea, so could knock that one on the head. If Chelsea were to change from the target man tactic (which i would like to see) then a clinical finisher is required, someone proven at a high level such as David Villa with maybe Tevez the work horse to accompany him. Just my view.
  11. Re: Who is the best rapper? lol Eminem:eek: Snoop dogg 50 pence sorry cent . They trash and so for a lot more on the list. Eminem: Wouldnt be where he is if he was black.Plus it aint rap its some1 acting a t**t. But you all run to the shops and buy his album, you dont know what you've been missing out on. Snoop Dogg: For snizzle on my nizzle didnt realise these were words, could some1 please tell me what it means. 50 Cent:LOL this guy is great, is it me or does candy shop sound like magic stick? They all the same kind of tracks, once you'v heard 1 you heard them all. Now i'l give you guys some rappers that actually rap. Fabolous Fat joe (Does a great track about 50cent and what he says is true) Wu-tang Method man (This guy is a legend) Ludacris (deserves a mention) You guys should check them out. And to the post above about tupac you got a point.
  12. Re: 4-3-1-2... Whats right?? This is my opinion of why i use these tactics.But your comments are welcome. Tackling - Hard (hard because, you should try to get the ball back asap) Passing - Direct (i use this because the strikers i have for each of my teams are well rated for the league they are in, short will give you lots of possesion) From the tactics i showed earlier i allways have a lot of shots. I have never tried am being target man so couldnt give you information on that
  13. Re: 4-3-1-2... Whats right?? I would play the best side you can. My tactics when using this formation. Tackling - Hard Mentality - Attacking Passing style - Direct Attacking style - Through the middle Tempo - Fast Pressing - Allover Counter attack Playmaker (Am) Target man
  14. Re: 4-3-1-2... Whats right?? I had a good start to the season with Sheffield was in playoffs for some time, injurys have crept in though, Hamsik my man got injured for 6weeks, hes 2 days from being able to play again though so hoping for things to pick up again. Back on topic. Diaby should be ok in that position if hes a cm/lm. By realistic how do you mean?
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