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  1. Had picked him up a few months ago for all my clubs. Not a big deal as he went from 60-78. But a +18 is quite significant. Just wondering, have any other players risen by more than 18?
  2. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ?
  3. Re: pirlo to 94 !!!! Therein lies your problem. A class league that you **** on. The guy played a pivotal role in Juve's resurgence & dictated play for them throughout their undefeated season & in the Euro's. If you don't think his form dipped along with AC's before his move then you don't watch much Serie A or Pirlo. It did, he regained it & then some. Shame some people just can't recognize, or admit to, quality. I guess Xavi's just getting old too.
  4. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations Another week & more questions raised. In some cases, there has been some hint of a pattern developing among the AI's choice of formation for unmanaged clubs. But many managers are trying hard to see patterns without much luck as in many instances after 6 matches unmanaged clubs have used 6 different formations. Any suggestions? Furthermore, previous tactics that would successfully counter others are meeting with less & less success (against both managed & unmanaged clubs). So has the match engine changed as well?
  5. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? Have a look at a related thread. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=128794 Feel free to add any input.
  6. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations If you were to brush up on your tactical skills you would be aware that slight variations in formation do affect results. As I stated earlier, its a game akin to 'rock/paper/scissors', certain formations trump others but not all. On occasion I do change formations if I'm behind at 60 or 75 mins just in case. But keep in mind that the game recommends less changes for success. I too enjoy the tactical aspect of the game. Playing against human managers is exciting & I do extremely well. Reason being, they are usually quite predictable as they tend to play to their strength which is their favorite formation or toggle back & forth between 2 or 3 formations. This allows me to counter them in order to have a better chance at a favorable result. The ones that I have more difficulty against are those that simply pick a formation out of a hat each game. Far more unpredictable & difficult to counter. And in this regard, it appears that this is more or less what we are up against with unmanaged clubs.
  7. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations As far as I could see, there were no transfers involving this club nor injuries. One player received a yellow card. All in all, there were 17 players involved in those last 4 matches.
  8. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations I just scouted my next opponent. It is an unmanaged club which has 33 players. An ave age of 25 & an ave team rating of 80. An equal number of defenders, mids & forwards. Not a wide range in ratings amongst players. This clubs formations over the last 5 games have been as follows: 433 433 wingers 4132 442 diamond 4231 The only consistency is that they play 4 at the back. In that last game, its starting XI had an ave rating of 83 & it beat a 94 rated managed team away. I'll leave it to you to tell me what it will play next. LOL The one with the right answer gets a prize.
  9. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations Just a few observations & experiences I've come across lately. First of all, not to toot my own horn, but I've played this game for the past 4 years and accumulated a managerial ave of 2.92 with a variety of clubs. Therefore, I feel I've acquired one or two things in order to be successful. But of late things have gone to hell lol. I do my due diligence to scout out the opposition (for sure managed clubs & now the unmanaged ones) but on occasion the unmanaged ones have had a variety of equally rated players to choose from in each position so a number of formations are available to them. This poses a dilemma. What do I do because each different formation may require different counter measures? So the other day I came up against an unmanaged team that was in last place. What I stated above applied to this match. Plenty of players of similar ability to choose from in each position. In its previous match the AI chose 4231. I ended up suffering my worst loss ever (5 - 1) as they played 343. OK I thought. Didn't play the same formation. Interestingly enough, the next game they beat another club by using 433 wingers. My question is: what do you expect them to do next? They haven't suffered any injuries. Haven't acquired anyone new. They have not played the same formation for the past 3 games. Will they play one of the three formations mentioned earlier or will they play 3412, 3421, 4132, 433 etc? All those seem like possibilities. Furthermore, in another gameworld, I scouted out the opposition (which was managed) & set up my counter measures. As fate would have it, the manager resigned before the match & different tactics were implemented by the AI & I lost 3-0. Nothing you can do in this situation. I'm simply venting. I'm considering this a transitional period. Feeling things out, 'learning' & adapting. But this is just frustrating. I don't see much rhyme or reason yet. There are times when you give credit to the other human manager for a doing a good job against you but for now it all appears quite random against these unmanaged clubs & its grating. John mentioned that we should start to see a pattern amongst some of these unmanaged clubs but I'm not seeing it just yet & my interest in the game is really waning. I try to keep some perspective as this is just a game. But when the game stops being fun...
  10. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations Wish you continued good luck against the AI but be wary of coming up against someone who knows how to counter your 352.
  11. Re: SMFA Competitions Random Results No, if you are a Gold member it does make a difference. I've won far more times as a GM than not (with the same teams). I think there is a little bit of salesmanship of SM's part. They frustrate you as a non-GM with these ridiculous results so that you purchase one. Just a thought.
  12. Re: Matchday experience: The reality of substitutions.
  13. Re: How To Make 4 3 1 2 work?why only a few people answer?
  14. Re: Matchday experience: The reality of substitutions.
  15. Re: Sell Messi? No to both & as someone pointed out earlier, if this is such a competitive setup, these bids are embarassinglly brutal.
  16. Re: Asanoah Gyan---rating advice Agreed with Dancpoli. My only concern would be the remote chance that UAE may be reviewed before his TB is up.
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