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  1. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything I mead a little search on the minutes played for some players and the best I found but I need someone to predict by how much. they are young and cheap and have a lot of minutes name/pos/team/age/rat VISCA, Edin Wing/AM Istanbul BB 22 82 SARI, Veysel CB/DM Eskisehirspor 23 81 COLAK, Emre AM/Wing Galatasaray SK 20 80 DEMIR, Muhammet CF Gaziantepspor 20 78 KAYA, Semih CB Galatasaray SK 21 78 EHIOSUN, Ekigho CF Samsunspor 22 78 YOKUSLU, Okay CM/AM Kayserispor 18 78 KÖSE, Ramazan Gk Genclerbirligi 23 78 GÜLDEN, Bilal DM/CM MKE Ankaragücü 18 76 TASKIRAN, Mahmut Gk Samsunspor 22 76 KURT, Ümit CB MKE Ankaragücü 20 76 BASSAN, Emrah AM Antalyaspor 20 76 AKCA, Murat CB Sivasspor 21 76 GARHAN, Atilla Aybars Wing/Fwd MKE Ankaragücü 20 75 DOGAN, Ishak Wing MKE Ankaragücü 21 75 PLEASE someone can rate this players
  2. Re: Low rated U21 portugese Risers . . . . . Cecilio CAUE of Olhanense. Only 76 and has played 900/900
  3. Re: Player ratings thread can you check PETROV Kyrylo of Kryvbas has many minutes
  4. Re: Ghanain Starlet-Mubarak Wakaso... Any idea how much can he rise if he keeps playing like this?
  5. Re: Great Young Talents for the future How much can he rise?
  6. sorry for posting in here but I need the hepl of someone that lives in brazil. If someone is that kid send a PM to me
  7. BALOTELLI, Mario 89 ACQUAFRESCA, Robert 88 KEIRRISON, Carneiro 87 SALVIO, Eduardo 87 DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo 87 DI SANTO, Franco 86 ZUCULINI, Franco 86 ARNAUTOVIC, Marko 85 DIARRA, Lass 92 COLE, Ashley 94 TOURE, Kolo 93 JUAN, Silveira 93 Please HELP
  8. He just signed for L'AL ALHY (a team in Dubai) for next season... Soon he will drop drastically so who has him better sell now that his value is a little high....
  9. I need to know what is going to be with his rating and how is he playing??
  10. I need some 93+ risers if you think of any pls write it.
  11. Re: Edgar Cani He scored his second goal in Seria B and was a starter in the last match. Padova is second in the league. Now he will get the credit he deserves becouse he is really great but it seems he need his time...........
  12. Re: Goalkeeper help I think you will get a old low rated gk free of charge. worth at most 100k:p
  13. Re: A Big Thankyou to Insider and Radebe Of course there are others but your work is massive (has saved hours of scouting to thousand of people and made millions to many) I hope you keep going P.S my Darlington 1 season - have 10m a squad of 255 players (worth value 500M) whith 20% still to rise:rolleyes:
  14. Re: High Rated Risers whay do you think of an update as the big leagues are on the door??
  15. Re: Fiorillo Do not worry he is on his way 2 month ago he won the best keeper price in viaregio cup(the tournament with the best youngs in italy) and he was unbelivable there. so give him the time maybe he is going to be the best ever:D
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