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  1. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. OI dirtbag take of your TN cap and read unplug your keyboard and rip the powerlead out the back then try and come one sm problem solves
  2. Re: a typical day in the life of a chat room.. Why do people who are insignificant like benM decide to come onto chat to slate people who are there to monitor the enjoyment of others who want to sit back and chillout and have some footy banter with other likeminded people. you get on chat and have some imature little **** shouting the odds off because he has nothing else to do get a life you little twerp
  3. Re: Gold Championship 51 Match Report Thread Jonny lythe took over unam last week and decided to blow his 30 million pounds straight off he signed 9 players some big players like craig bellamy as he need a clinical finished he finished with a squad off 33 players (below) he lost his first game 1-0 to vitoures but will bounce back as he has all off his first team rated 87 or 88 watch this space unam will be spending big in the next few months birnign depth to their squad
  4. Re: Help needed for some stuff andrew taylor nonononononono he is actually crapp seaoson ticket holder for the boro he seems to have no positional play hes good going forward but is wreckless when defending
  5. Re: The Torres Song - Man U fans.... His armband proved he was a Red, Torres, Torres You'll never walk alone again it said Torres Torres We bought the lad from sunny spain He gets the ball and scores again, Fernando Torres, Liverpool's Number 9! and the sunderland one is djybrall cisse sunderlands no9
  6. Re: Gold Championship 6 Match Report Thread lol lol lol my unam team just got beat by sao paulo very unfortunate great game to the manager from tht team
  7. Re: advice choosing a LM stewart downing
  8. Re: Rate My Team Thread CASILLAS, Iker 96 BUFFON, Gianluigi 96 OCHOA, Guillermo 91 ABIDAL, Éric 94 PUYOL, Carles 96 NESTA, Alessandro 95 TERRY, John 95 TOURE, Kolo 94 MARQUEZ, Rafael93 GERRARD, Steven 97 XAVI, Hernández 96 ESSIEN, Michael 95 KAKA, Ricardo 98 ROBINHO, Souza 95 ETO'O, Samuel 96 IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan96 ROONEY, Wayne 96 youth ROSSI, Giuseppe 90 AGUERO, Sergio 94 MESSI, Lionel 97 MIKEL, John Obi 91 and some 78s
  9. he is 28 years old playing for unam rated 90 i was wondering wether he will increase stay or decrease wether to keep him or get shot of him
  10. Re: is it worth it? 93 rated defender i presume
  11. Re: Quick Response Needed, De La Red look at kanu he ahd a serious heart defect and he plays to this day but ide say swap him
  12. Re: barcelona team sold drogba and ronaldiniho bought robiniho and essien and buffon
  13. Re: Opinions on players. yeah ano but sometiems wikepedia can show u if you read and take it in you can make desicions for yourself just for the future
  14. Re: Opinions on players. have a look on wikepedia see how many appearances they have made even if you make an effort it shows your keen am not having ago
  15. Re: Opinions on players. read up on them like everyone else does and then ask us when you have relevant information
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