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  1. Re: Vladimir Weiss - Next Slovakian Wonderkid. Slovakian eh? Weiss (German: Weiß) is a German name.
  2. Re: Mario Kirev [slavia Sofia, GK] 74 - Thought he'd get better than that ...
  3. Re: German Changes Martin Fenin should of easily hit 89 for Eintracht. Also, Podolski should of at least gone to 92, especially for future reference!
  4. Re: Talented young players from 3rd Bundesliga Sehr gut, Göppell. I will try and get some young Eintracht Frankfurt and Kaiserslautern players.
  5. Re: Oldham's Real Rating's What've we won? A bloody lot tah. Also, count Leeds in what we've beat this season too! Just to help you, you're not ment to be boasting about how many points you've lost to "average" teams. Doubt? Mate we are the Latics Of course we are going to have a big future, we're pushing for promotion and have been for the past few seasons. Yes, we are a typical team, but we do have alot going for us at the moment thank you. They just had a little fall out, no worries And at least our fall was mellow, not Prem to L1 in 3 seasons. We're not as big as Leeds, town/city wise, but we are a team with a hell lot of pride, much more than Leeds could ever have. We are a club, not a brand.
  6. Re: Oldham's Real Rating's Boys in Pink 'n we're gonna win!
  7. Re: Aleks VRTESKI - The 'Aussy Mace' I wouldn't. He's a lad to keep. He is currently playing for the Socceroo's U-20 and I can imagine him making it into the first team. Also, a move back to Australia seems imaginable
  8. Full Name Pim Balkestein Birth Date April 29, 1987 Birth Place Netherlands Height 6' 3" (1.91m) Age 21 Position Defender Squad No. #15 Club Ipswich Town Young Pim Balkestein is a Dutch born footballer, currently playing for Ipswich Town in the Coca-Cola English Championship (below the Premiership). He is a talent that had been idolised but Ipswich, and is said to be a future centre-back. For Ipswich in this season (2008-2009), these are his current stats; Source:Click here! (ESPN) Seing from his ESPN stats, he's played a total of 721 minutes. Matches that are noted as Started are full 90 minute matches* He is currently rated 73 on the SM Database. I predict a rating change to 78-80.
  9. Re: Mario Kirev [slavia Sofia, GK] I don't understand, silly but, who does he play for currently? Sofia, Grasshoppers, Juventus
  10. Re: Alfie Potter - (67) Over 2,000 minutes! He's only 20 and getting his career going... Google his name, Peterborough are hoping to bring him back.
  11. Re: Alfie Potter - (67) Over 2,000 minutes! Yes, he scored against Liverpool in the Kop End goal!
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