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  1. De Ligt since there are fewer defensive options
  2. +1 for Declan Rice? Also, Wan-Bissaka and Keita or Kante?
  3. Hi mate do you remember what page the Prem review was posted on?
  4. Lower the fitness level is, higher chance of injury. Even fitness in the 80’s has a higher chance of injury
  5. I started a league today which has the original divisions of when the Premier League formed in 1992. The table varies a little bit as there weren’t exactly 20 sides in every division, but it’s as close to the original setup as the game allows. The ID is 413416 if you’d like to join. A few clubs are still available in the top division with some good ones in the lower divisions. Squads are capped at 35 players to keep things more competitive and each club starts with £100m to allow the less talented sides to contend. Send in an application and I will accept it. We’re planning on openin
  6. Marcel Sabitzer going to get a +1 to 91 And Halstenberg to a 90 at Leipzig? Feels like Halstenberg is still massively underrated
  7. Would you take 1) Manolas and Thiago or 2) Rugani and Pjanic or Bentacur
  8. Probably. He hasn’t done very well between Milan/Chelsea. Jorginho or Lorenzo Pellegrini?
  9. You can give every club the same starting balance or start where all clubs have no players so they all start at 0.
  10. Inter, Napoli, Fiorentina and other top clubs available in an Italian League in its second year. Majority of clubs are untouched with large budgets ready to be spend. Search 392772 to find gameworld
  11. There’s a league that’s set up to be very realistic. It’s pretty good given the parameters the game allows. Liverpool and Tottenham open with no changes to squads. Other top jobs open too normal economy no buying players over 31 no buying players over 93 gameworld ID 396165
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