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  1. Any recommendations for 89 rated cb that will rise to 90? Currently looking at: Mancini from Roma or Zubeldia from Sociedad Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks Kieran, I’m trying another angle, Hakimi in the current deal doesn’t get a spot in first team, now offered Cancello and Lloris and Hakimi would fit right in at right back
  3. I have know idea what started this but, YES!
  4. Brandt and Lloris or Hakimi? What are people’s thoughts?
  5. Gonna get Haaland go through, cheers for the thoughts guys.
  6. 4-3-3 A so at the moment it’s Rashford Lewandowski and Dzeko up to. i thought the same that’s my attack sorted with the other 3 for a long time to come.
  7. 4-3-3-A so Haaland can play anywhere along the front line.
  8. In need of some opinions, I have a deal agreed for Haaland, of Moura, o.Dembele and 11 million, my other i play with 3 up top and Also have Rashford, Lewandowski robben Dzeko and Bergwin, with Greenwood and Fati for the future. Do I let the deal go through?
  9. Would love this, recently swapped Odegaard for Greenwood, Fati and 8 million, looking a better and better deal with each game Greenwood plays
  10. After a bit of advice, I’ve been offered Leon Goretzka for Pulisic, what do you guys think?
  11. What a people’s opinions odegaard for Fati and Greenwood and 7 mil? I currently have Odegaard
  12. Opinions please guys, Bale and Maguire or Frenkie De Jong? I have De jong
  13. Schulz or Chilwell? Any advice appreciated. All the best Rahul!
  14. Only 2 external and and as it’s only a back up I don’t want to pay silly money for someone at a managed club
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