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    Armageddon2872 got a reaction from Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Schulz or Chilwell? Any advice appreciated. All the best Rahul!
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    Armageddon2872 got a reaction from Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    What are people’s opinions on Nordi Mukiele, has he done enough for a rise next review?
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    Armageddon2872 reacted to Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Definite No and it should tell u this on your tactic screen (I'm on Old system, so might not be on, but should
    On SM Neymar is more effective now BUT Mbappe will be in the future. So that is your personal decision are you looking say 2to3 seasons or more or now?
    Werner isn't progressing much so for my mind not in a non competitive GW and yes otherwise
    Don't know why I clicked on this Joshvic but Hi and Goodbye, nice visit 😃
    No he hasn't: Only Played once since 3rd Nov 18! 10 appearances the whole season, 8 starts, 2 subbed in and sat on the bench 12 times. Leipzig play today home to Augsburg u might wait and see if he gets selected and plays 90mins b4 selling. Tho his chances are very close to the meaning of your name, Armageddon!
    SW19 you are Spot-On, Friendlies are meaningless and a waste of time. Well done SM😒😒
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    Armageddon2872 reacted to Kev in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Sell and get Kimmich!
    He should keep his rating for now considering he dropped in winter. He's not doing that well though, so look for other options if you can.
    I sold him where I had him personally. Doesn't seem to be doing much.
    I buy him now and again in GWs expecting him to do something, and have been doing so for years. I don't think I'll bother again. Will he ever be #1 anywhere?
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    Armageddon2872 reacted to TMCosta in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Szczczcz (but it looks like their always looking for a subsitute...)
    Better now then before (93)
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    Armageddon2872 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    think he wasn't added when I did the top teams. I added now cheers.
    Anyway, I'll look into the top teams again once they actually start the review.
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