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  1. Re: Fifa 11 SM Pro club team. sure i could play there but i enjoy mostly being at cb... but hey i'll give it a shot at left mid... how many players are in your squad?
  2. Re: Fifa 11 SM Pro club team. I'm also intrested i like to play anywer, my fwd is rated 88, my mid is rated 88, and my cb is rated 88, i can play keeper too but dont like it too much and im rated there 86...
  3. Re: Alberto Aquilani too early to tell to be honest, he came with a bad injury, and hasnt had enough game time to prove his worth, even though i'm not a liverpool fan, id say he's a great player well thats what i saw for when he used to be fit playing for roma, people will be judgemental and say he's a flop, but hes been out.. i think at the end of the day he will become a star but just needs about 20+ games under his belt so he can show what he can do!
  4. Re: Whens the English Changes finish I dont understand how Obertan didnt get +1 i think thats unfair.. u see how hes been playing? and also macada he didnt even get +1 ! and flector! he got nothing.. lol
  5. Re: What happen to chelsea and man united rating change? well, hopefully they are, hope evra gets 94 he shud! and same with a.cole..
  6. Re: Whens the English Changes finish the way things are going, they are so slow doing this, i mean look how fast liverpool was done, and utd and cheski still not done? thats unfair they shuda been done the same time, lol, i wont be surpised if it isnt dont tomoro 2..
  7. Re: Whens the English Changes finish 8/9am i guess
  8. Re: Whens the English Changes finish dont think its today...:mad::confused:
  9. Re: Iniesta deal wow thats a crazy deal!! ronaldos on fire see his 2 goals last night? lol, Iniesta is world class i agree i rate him so highly, he is 1 of the best mids in the world no questions asked.. But for ronaldo? now thats a rip off!
  10. Re: players 90-92 who will rise Pique. Busqests, Valenica(man utd player) Flector (utd player) Sorry for spelling mistakes, but these players will get 91/92.
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Lets be realistic... UTD wont buy any1 during this transfer window, we hardly buy any1 during this time plus i think the teams doing wel.. if we get him then it will lower the chances of owen, welbeck and kiko... so i wudnt wanna get another striker i rather see welbeck n kiko play more i think they can be better if given the chance and also play more games...
  12. Re: pedro barcelona Sure he is, hes not raised yet either so when he does he should be around 87/88, and will be around the 6mil you paid for him, in the long run id say he will get 92/93.
  13. Re: Benzema or Van Persie?? If i was you, i would not sell benzema, forget what all people say here just because he's ofform doesnt mean hes gonna drop or anything, he's much much better than persie miles off and is a massive talent, he might be not playing much now but during later stages of the season watch everybody talk about him saying how good he is.. typical + He's not overated, He is rated correctly. Plus it's his first season so dont start getting so judgemental early in madrid days.
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