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  1. Re: ronn's La Liga, Premier League and Serie A 09/10 will Jérémy MENEZ raise? i think hes played 6 games and 3 goals?
  2. Re: Website error? it lets me log into my other accounts, just my best account it wont let me log into! its been like this since yesterday for me! saying website problem sm will fix it soon blah blah, im a normal member in all ov them too.. i hope they sort it soon cus i have a game today..
  3. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread I'm getting mine from asda tonight at 12
  4. Re: Rodriguez Pedro and Suarez Jeffren Pedro will get 88 very easy... see how many games he played this season come off the bench and saved barca a few times with goals!!
  5. Re: I'm sick of Soccer Manager...its not fair! ur sick of sm? tell me how'd u feel if u had 130 rep, and then u do a deal which u been working on for more than a month they accept, and then sm stop the deal and then i try to make the deal again send a ticket tothem askin them why its stopd i dont understand and then no explaining or anything just ur rep going down to 39? AND!! gettin kicked off the setup! LOL!
  6. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. Manchester United or Barca or Madrid pls
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread ANY1 got the video link of goals?? ah here we go :
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread lol i have to agree, it's kinda a strange time... but i got it from manutd.com and i hope we win that cup and i cant wait till we face valencia, it will be intresting how villa does.. i hope villa plays and also vidic see how he can test us
  9. Re: Official Red Devils thread 29 July 2009 Audi Cup Boca Juniors V Man United Boca Juniors V UNITED KO 17:30 then 30 July 2009 Audi Cup Bayern Munich or AC Milan V Man United Bayern Munich or AC Milan V UNITED KO 23:59 there ya go mate
  10. Re: Steven Gerrard Arrested a fights a fight, barton got locked up after havin a fight, plus cantona got into trouble and baned, gerrard got nothing, just shows how money can change peoples minds lol
  11. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread I must say GREAT RESULT! LEYTON ORIENT 6 NEWCASTLE UNITED 1
  12. Re: Steven Gerrard Arrested He's scum anyway, he should of been locked up, he doesnt have a good personality at all, lol... he's like joey barton!! He's a good player though thats all that could be said about him from being honest.
  13. Re: best youngster in the world who should i get Pato is the best youngest player. i rate other players too like hugian etc. but pato has the kill factor and is going to be just as good as kaka was for milan on his day. Seen the pato goal vs roma? see pato play inter juve and other teams?. Hes top noch, grab him if you can. the way he's going im sure hes a future 95-6 or maybe higher!
  14. Hi just wanted to see all your views in who is the best CB in the hole world? I am saying VIDIC, hes pure power and just for me is the best CB the prem has seen in so many years. him and rio have the best partnership in the world i think but i think VIDIC is the best. What you guys think?
  15. Re: Rooney or Torres? Torres vs rooney? How sad... LOL They are completely different players, torress is a CF who doesnt do tracking back, he just knocks goals in etc. Rooney on the other hand is a assist, he can play either wing and could play even CB if he had too, even a goal keeper can torress? i dont think so. I rate torress very highly. but you cant say hes better than rooney because he scores more goals. Rooney can play anywer and has more talent on the ball e.g killer passes better skills and also works hard for the team, torress just does the same skills allways e.g just uses his
  16. Re: .Selena's Avatars!!!! [requests are here] Can i have a Owen 1 please ?
  17. Re: Is this a good deal?? Thnx guys! any1 eles got anything to say??
  18. £6.0M + Álvaro NEGREDO for Alberto GILARDINO??? I have made the offer i gave negredo and 6mil and it was accepted for gilardino is this worthit? or shud i cancel pls sum1 reply quick
  19. Re: PS3: The Offside League (FIFA 09) can i play? my names r3d3viL_ add me guyz!
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