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  1. Re: Man Utd Help what you guys think of my squad? i have capal, pato, huigan, mata and a few other top players onloan to other teams so im not sure if u'll see them on the squad sheet... http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=503373&clubid=4503652&sid=919 any good formations i can play? i dno my team doesnt gell,,, i dno wot to play they keep losein :/
  2. Re: PS3: The Offside League (FIFA 09) I'm intrested in joinin my PS3 name is r3d3viL_
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread "so how does it feel? A few years ago you were playing Barcelona, now you'll be playing Blackpool!" Shorpe + Peterborough > Old Trafford + Anfield :D
  4. Re: Final Day Of The EPL Season 08/09 - Super Sunday "so how does it feel? A few years ago you were playing Barcelona, now you'll be playing Blackpool!" Shorpe + Peterborough > Old Trafford + Anfield :D
  5. Re: Ritchie De Laet, Man Utd thats utd's 3rd team, the 2nd team wud incudle players like, scholes/giggs etc who dont play every game...as much as carrick n co
  6. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Priceless to see them go down, and they shud go down too, im sure owen n co will leave now too, wudnt b surpised if they didnt come back to the prem for a few more years cus they gna lose alot of players
  7. Re: Ritchie De Laet, Man Utd He's a sold player and did really well! he got injured i guess not sure but hes a good player 1 too look out for in the future the way he played 2day if he carrys on i wudnt b surpised him playin more games for us nxt season! come on utd's 3rd team beat hulls best XI, priceless lol
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings Not gna happen, hes gna get 92 like pato, i recken pato has more skill and more talent and isnt just about goals.
  9. Re: iniesta I belive he shud get 96, hes class, and the same for silva who is rated 92, since hes back hes been class id say he shud get 93/94 too!
  10. Re: Frank Lampard v Francesc Fabregas forget age and all dat, i rate lampard hes a fantasic player and can shot with both feet, better with the ball too id say, fabregas cant shoot at all hes bent lol
  11. Re: Muntari Im sure the rateings for itaily are not complete untill tomorrow we should see him in for a 92 i cant see gattuso keeping his rating at all he hasnt played!
  12. Re: *New* FIFA 09 PS3 - Be a Pro Team Yeah i can play anytime too! u guys play bap or just 1-1's?
  13. Re: Official Red Devils thread anyhow, doesnt matter if there is another player from another team on my sig, shows i rate united players and i rate class e.g messi saying that, i am a true united fan im also in manchester are u? cus alot here say they are true fans but are they truely near there club they say they love and support? lol + have u even been to OT before season ticket holder?
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread Hahaha come on united! I bet pool fans are wel gutted they all thought they was gna win, they dont have class like united has and the title says it all!!!!
  15. Re: Official Red Devils thread Tevez come out 2day and said he's leavin Utd in the summer cus he cant see anything happening so he's saying goodbye, I mean who in the earth in the prem would pay 30mil for him? Only city.. i think united have another player in there mind for letting him go i mean if they let him go fregy has some1 eles in his mind, and i wudnt be surpised if that was benzema Lets hope tevez stays though hes a gr8 player for us.
  16. Re: Yuri ZHIRKOV Well, hes suppost to be one of the best left wingers in the world and alot of clubs will want him in the summer i havent saw him myself but the way people talk about him he must be something 2 keep hold of, wait til the end of the summer and see what happends hope i helped
  17. Re: Italian rating predictions Strange thing, pato hasnt raised but it seems the italian changes are done cus it shows now spanish changes?
  18. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread loool wot a match!! gr8 game and gd final!
  19. Re: Marks Sigs and Avatars. wow thanks alot mate! good work!! sorry for late reply wasnt on here much lately
  20. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Come on utd!! was unlucky with the sending off big miss but we have so many class players to fill in so it wudnt be as bad, think we will go all the way now and win the prem and champs leg again, wudnt that be amizing
  21. Re: Marks Sigs and Avatars. Hey man can u do me a new messi 1? or even 1 of evra?? Tnx
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