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  1. Re: Manchester United 0 - Tottenham 2 at half time Lol, i have to agree mate they allways try and come out with new excuses sad really sounds like depression typical pool fans though never win anything
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread how many points clear are we now?? rooney n ronaldo u know what, the hole team played well!! COME ON UNITED!
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread I honestly think united today wil beat tot kinda easy the resion for that cus united are hitting good form again id say a 3-1 berba will get 2 goals n rooney with the other!! come on utd!! Wots the startin line up? any ideas?
  4. Re: Could Tevez seriously play for Liverpool? The sun , newsof the world its all over the place
  5. Re: Could Tevez seriously play for Liverpool? News update: MANCHESTER UNITED held talks with Kaka yesterday over a sensational summer move. The Brazilian’s representatives met United to discuss personal terms which would total £35million in wages alone. A source close to the AC Milan superstar confirmed: “It was a very positive meeting, although nothing was agreed. “The player wants a five-year contract and wages of £135,000 a week. He is very keen to join United and these are figures that are within United’s pay structure. It’s up to them what happens now.” The talks did not involve any
  6. Re: Who's the best defender?? pique is cheap and is a future 93 id say maybe more he is getting a gd few games for barca Hes soon gonna be in the spanish side if he isnt already
  7. Re: I think i've been accussed of cheating!?!?!? Hey, U'll be lucky if u get a response they hardly reply anymore Rude i know, i sent 2 tickets about other things before 1 more 2 months ago and still didnt get any replys, a few here also did it and didnt get replys.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread Zidane: He was toughest foe PAUL SCHOLES has been hailed by some of soccer’s greatest names over the years. ZINEDINE ZIDANE: “My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder. Scholes is undoubtedly the greatest of his generation.” This was in todays , SUN news paper, BOBBY CHARLTON says that scholes is uniteds best and for him scholes is better than gorgie best.. Intesting Just thought id try and make a topic, heres the link http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/article2388669.ece
  9. Re: Liverpool V Arsenal good game, and now good news for us utd fans even though arsenal shuda won, id say the keeper made a few mistakes again! lol
  10. Re: Berbatov! Stupid idiot who cost 30M Berbatov is ofform at the moment for the lack of games hes had mostly because of injurys, 2nd of all, I havent saw a player in the prem that has better control and touch that berbatov has if he has 2 players around him hes very calm and hardless loses the ball, he just lacks fitness and im sure in time he's gna be the good CF he is as we saw him at tott
  11. Re: Berbatov! Stupid idiot who cost 30M Most resions was, united played 15 or something more games than everton this season, players need rest and are not robots i guess so thats the resion, anyhow i thought utds youths was fantasic and did very well... when was the last time anyother teams put there youth side out arsenal mayb ?! did anyother teams like liverpool no i forgot they never reach the semis
  12. Re: Who to put next to Terry? I noticed with my team, usally i have alot of players e.g mids n cbs who are rated 95 or more, and they dont usally win toghter but if u put a player whos 90/91 with a player whos 95+ in the mid they play good toghter whats the resion behind this? my formation is usally 442, with players alves, puyol, vidic, evra mids ronaldo gerrard kaka and ribery upfront torress and messi. They dont play good toghter but wen i mix it and play pato instead of messi he scores more:confused:
  13. Re: Berbatov! Stupid idiot who cost 30M Berbatov is a grreat player just he needs to gel a little bit more its his first season with (utd) some players take time to settle, wudnt b surpised if he smashed 20 goals next season, just needs more time and we'll see full season to judge him id say! Unlucky with the pen too.
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread Well done to utds kids though made evertons first team run for there money thought welbeck shud have had a pen being caught, mayb that wud of finished the game off, but at the end of the day if any pool fans have a go, 1 thing we can stand up and be proud of and thats least uniteds gna win something this year
  15. Re: Mata for Rafael Marquez + 5 Million? Hard 1, mata will raise 90/91. ( But a future spanish international id say with bags of talent) With marquez hes gna raise too.. i guess too 94 hes been fantasic so i wudnt do the deal try buying mata for cash or try and get another deal dont sell marquez.
  16. Re: Simao for HIGUAIN i have maxi, nasri and also robben, n soon park.. Simao is getting old nw but still is playing some great football.. i reckon higuain personaly a better player in 1 years time, at the moment he's progressing into a big star name and soon i reckon will get into his international side. I think higuain will get 92 this change for the resion in almost every game he plays in for madrid this season creates good chances or scores a goal... up front i have aguero pato, and i hope i get higuan the best and youngest fwds in the game.
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