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  1. Re: LM/Wing Nah id say, mata , 91 , and capal shud stay 90. mata is way better id say.. capal is fast and all but loses the ball alot as i saw in the games i watched him
  2. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace The sun says this today: Ex madrid manager. But he told French radio: “Anyone who becomes the next president will have at his disposal one of the best players in the world, who is already formally committed to Real Madrid. “I cannot give any names but all I can say is that thanks to the difficult and laborious work that I did last year, he is already formally a Madrid player, subject obviously to him being able to sign the relevant contract.” allways ronaldo are they inlove with him? LOL
  3. Re: Simao for HIGUAIN Thanks 2 both of u, rep for ya both
  4. Re: Worst Result Ever? Yeah i know.. i was gutted and shocked... they really need to fix that engine cus it doesnt make sense i mean if it was in real im sure 10 goals would have been scored lol.
  5. Re: Worst Result Ever? i had a game where ih ad up2 32 shots and 25 on targit and only 1goal went in , and i lost 3-1.. this game at time is just STRANGE! i also had 64 percent of the ball and 19 coners.
  6. Re: adding players to DB Send a ticket
  7. what are ur views on this deal? i have simao i offerd him and also 1.5mil for higuian 1 problem.. My team vaule for simao is £12,090,000 And my team vaule Higuain at £12,080,000 Will this deal go threw??? or wont it over just 10k:confused: good deal? Advice and personal views needed. Cheers
  8. Re: SMFA Locking Set-Ups 2 make money lol
  9. Re: SM Ignoring Support Tickets...? Yep i sent mine 2 about a weeek ago and got no reply either isent another 1 the 2 days ago and didnt get a reply either, dont kno whats going on buteven when i check to see if the report has been opend it says ''closed'' I mean they shud reply back atleast!
  10. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmNSoxSCKvs hes an amazing player
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread RONALDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! wot a goal!!
  12. Re: English Ratings - What happened? But essien has been out for longer hasnt he?? he shud of dropd too, even mikel didnt raise, carrick shud of got more too lol, rio got 96? thats joke, with evans he got 88? shud be 89 hes been soild wen needed and played alot saying that i bet he plays tonight 2!
  13. Re: English Ratings - What happened? Then they shud of took a note of drogba? lol hes been fantasic
  14. Re: English Ratings - What happened? I fink so yes, becuz he plays in champs leg for his contry allways and starts alot of games for united, it's a shame though, even carrick didnt get higher but rio got 96 even tho he was injured alot? LOL
  15. Re: English Ratings - What happened? Mostly surpised that carrick didnt get more, shud be really 93, skirtel and rio shudnt of rose thought 91, and 95 was decent for the both of them.. both missed some games by injury, it's just stupid. + mikel didnt even get 92/93 hes been a good player for cheski and filled in for essien.. saying that did he even drop?
  16. Re: English Ratings - What happened? Disapointed in evans getting 88 though...
  17. Re: English Ratings - What happened? Lets hope its all done today Wots the utd changes?
  18. Re: Don't You Just Hate Chelsea? Oh i thought it was around 10mil? it was due to how many starts he has for arsenal, Nani was gr8 last season just didnt get many games this season doesnt matter with nani didnt u buy kean for 20 n sold him bk for 15 or was it less? LOL
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