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  1. Re: Don't You Just Hate Chelsea? At the end of the day, least they are english, and its better for english football too lol (for england) 's national side. + didnt arsenal pay a stupid amount for wallcot? LOL
  2. Re: Don't You Just Hate Chelsea? I guess, man utd and chelsea are jst the 2 clubs which have mostly english players in the top 4. Arsenal = french Liverpool = spanish
  3. Re: Barcelona Tactic??? good side.. mostly now 442 is ur best bet since they put new things added.
  4. Re: Don't You Just Hate Chelsea? i thought chelsea was gr8 tonight even though i dont like the both, liverpool wer good yeah but started doing ''long balls'' again, for me thats boring football the best football is on the ground with skills etc, anyhow.. Thought drogba was the man of the match he was just no words to discribe him.. better than torress in both matchs and drogz shudnt drop now (lets hope)
  5. Re: 25 Mill For LLoris ? Yep sell! hed get max 92 in future anyway if he stays at lyon
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Drogba man of the match for me, put liverpool on the back foot all game thought utds defence was all over but what drogba did tonight made the back 2 (cbs) look like a player sent off
  7. Re: zabaleta I thought he is havin a great season this year and shud b getting 90 . he playes rb/lb even in mid at times, for me a 90 is sure on the cards. even though city dont do that well he is allways givin everything.
  8. Re: *New* FIFA 09 PS3 - Be a Pro Team Hopefully , i'l b gettin a ps3 this week so id like to join in, iv played fifa 09 on ps3 many times anyway not too bad rather play on the wing though but lets see!
  9. Re: Have Aston Villa Already lost 4th to Arsenal??? Yeah they lost it, dont reckon any chance for them to get 4th back, maybe next season if they carry on with good form till the end.
  10. Re: Adrian Colunga , Then new David Villa heard about him ages ago, saw another thread about him here not too long ago, keep us updated reckon he will raise more than 87? will he go to a bigger club during the summer???
  11. Re: Players i should keep or sell? Hope i helped my writeing shud be in green, Good luck!
  12. Re: MATA any good? Mata will 100% get 90, hes playing outa his skin this season also scored the other night, i wudnt b surpised if he got 91, hes played almost every game this season! n scored lots! Grab him while u can, Hes a good prospect for the future. Hope i helped. Cheerz!
  13. Re: EPL goal of th season! Federico Macheda vs villa toress goal was good , but macheda 's edges it, debut goal and saved utd and wot 2 touches to set the goal for himself
  14. Re: renan or rensing? Id say yes, hes a very good keeper and is there first choice and is fit again?
  15. Re: Need help with my squad!!!! Hope i helped
  16. Re: EPL - Risers And Droppers! Well.. : van perise 93, him and nasri been arsenals best players this season. Eduardo: stay or mite just go down one. Denilson : shud go up by +2 Berbatov : mayb shud stay where he is, injured at the moment but has a slight chance of +1 Evra: hes been getting bans injurys everything this year but still might get +1 if lucky, even though hes the best left back in the world when hes fully flying for manchester united. Hope i helped.
  17. Hi all, i have forlan and just wanted to know will he raise? is this deal worth it??/ Forlan and 8mil = pato? Resion i made that deal cus pato is younger and has a bright future ahead so let me know what you guys think... + they accepted shud i withdraw the offer? Cheers!!
  18. Hi all, just wanted to ask yout personal thoughts on these players will they raise? Leon OSMAN - ? KJAER, Simon - ? Domenico CRISCITO - ? Cheers!
  19. Re: Top 5 Worst Players In EPL I wasnt givin u criticism in the posts in which i sent, u said i said something in which i didnt so i corrected u by saying hes better than them by form and is playing better football at the moment
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