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  1. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Club America is available at Scout's Challenge (setup id 56128). They are currently the best team in setup with Messi, Cavani, Falcao, Sneider, D. Silva, Arteta, Vidal, De Rossi, Luiz, T. Silva, Alba, Casillas and many more... First come, first serve p.s. America de Cali also available with strong first team
  2. There is a new setup called Juga vs. Kolkata. 3 clubs from Kolkata vs. lots of clubs from ex-Yugoslavia. 5 Divisions with 12 clubs and no player concerns. You can find it under id: 171134.
  3. Re: Low attendance for 6th season not a bug?! - forumers help! Well, i understand current situation but on SM help pages there is written that you will have more people if you are on top of the table. My situation proves quite the opposite
  4. I need another opinion from forumers, because i believe SM is ignoring my problem. In SM Help under Attendance this is written: "...More fans will come as you tend towards the top of the league, and less fans will come when you tend towards the bottom of the league. ..." Well in my setup it doesn't matter if you win Division, Cup or Shield, sometimes you get more visitors if you don't win anything!? SM "investigated" my reported bug and didn't find anything wrong . Down bellow is my problem, please write what you think. ___________________________________________________________________________ In Scout's Challenge we are in 6th season and there is one matter that hasn't changed since day 1. Stadium attendance of top clubs are well bellow 50%, for some regular First Divison clubs even bellow 10%! Succes doesn't affect rise of attendace as it is clear from Mohun Bagan, East Bengal and Chirag United for example. From this three clubs, there is a no-succes bigger attendance case. Even Club America doesn't reach 90% in domestic League or Cups and they won many titles! Numbers and facts: - Chirag United: attendance 4k! in 120k stadium; Season 4 winners, season 2 runners-up, 6th season in division 1 - East Bengal: att. 8k in 120k st.; Season 1 runners-up, Season 2 Shield Cup Winners, 6th season in division 1 - Mohun Bagan: att. 15k in 120k st.; No trophy (!), 6th season in division 1 - Club America: att. 54k visitors in 104k st.; 3 x First Division Champions, SMFA Champions Cup Winners, SMFA Super Cup Winners; 6th season in divison 1 - Torpedo Moskva: att. 4k in a 84k st.; No trophy, 6th season in division 1 - Leeds United: 27k visitors in a 40k st.; Last season winners, SMFA Shield winners, progressed from division 3 to 1 - TSV 1860 München: att. 20k in 69k st.; Division 3&4 winners, promoted to D1 etc Please take a better look at this as it must be a bug. Thnx ___________________________________________________________________________
  5. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread Anyone after a Chelsea job? Can buy only English players and currently they own: Cole, Ferdinand, Parker, Cahill, Carrick, Scholes, Lampard, Gerrard and plenty of youth: Milner, Welbeck, Jones, Sturridge, Johnson, Cleverley... Patriot League, id 20993 No player concerns, no SMFA transfer monitors
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Players Concerns are not working in setup 56128. A Team with 50 players in first team has one or two players with level 2 concern and another team with 30 players has a youth player with level 4 concern. This is normal?! I agree that at least one of 30 players should request to be transfer listed, but there is not even one unhappy in a squad of 50 players? How is this possible?
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Some of the ideas should be limited to AI. Percentage of first team games should be a contract add-on only from players and not an option for managers. Current sistem allows club to own 50 players and they reach unhappy level 5 very late in 3rd or 4th season. This way SM reached times of AC Milan when they have bought players just because they didn't want them to play for competition. Today players are smarter than back in those days and players AI should evolve also in SM. Also wage sistem should stay like it is or managers will offer very high wages to players and than leave the club because of low bank balance, cheating or just for fun of playing a game.
  8. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Sheffield Wednesday manager needed in Scout's Challenge. Team average rating is 88, rules forbid buying over 89. 33 out of 64 managers are in season 5. Setup id is 56128 or follow the link below
  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to put number of games in contract for first team players. If let's say first team player signs for your club, he would demand at least xx first team appearances per season. If not, he is automatically Transfer listed. Injuries and bans shouldn't count of course.
  10. English Championship (id: 1198) is in 15th season. Clubs have plenty of cash but managers can buy players only 21 years old or younger. Top premiere clubs don't have many foreign players as they were partially cleaned Everybody can join
  11. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread East Bengal and Mohun Bagan available in Scout's Challenge both in Division 1. Both of them have an average rating 88; game limit is no buying over rating 89 Stadium capacity 120.000 but you need to reach SMFA Championship to fill it up Game id is 56128 and there are 33 of 64 managers in game. Feel free to join!
  12. SM8

    The Quiz thread.

    Re: The Quiz thread. Yes! Bilbao, Barca and Real are the only clubs in Spanish first division since 1929.
  13. SM8

    The Quiz thread.

    Re: The Quiz thread. Which club is the only one besides Barca & Real competing in Spanish Premier division from day 1?
  14. Re: Goalkeeper Stats Why not? Did you forget about Chilavert, Butt, Ceni?
  15. Re: NEW Custom Gameworld: Football Legends I would remove Player Decline option. Why shouldn't legends stay for ever?
  16. Re: Stadium Building I play with Mura 05 in Slovenian Championship and have won two first division titles. My stadium is still with 3.700 seats I would like to sack my chairman
  17. Re: Who has the most potential of these young CBs? Jones got my vote. He can play many positions and will get better with more games played. I would add Cleverley to this list.
  18. Re: Who should I swap Ramsey for? Nobody, keep Ramsay!
  19. Re: Who is the better GK for the long term? You all forgot about Handanović He should be amongst top 5!
  20. I have already reported this as a bug and got a response from SM that this matter is under investigation. Now i would like to recieve other managers feedback. In setup with "small" clubs called Scout's Challenge (no United, Bayern, Real, Barça, Milan etc) we are currently in fifth season with average of 50% managers out of 64 per season. And most of the clubs like Chirag United, East Bengal, Persia, Espérance, Torpedo Moskva etc. didn't have even once a full stadium in Division 1 even after competing in this top level division setup for all 5 seasons! Even more: Some stadiums have an attendance of 5 or 10k in a stadium with 80 - 120k stadium. I've seen other setups and the problem is the same. I believe SM won't change a thing if we don't write about this problem. Thanks for helping Best regards, Saša
  21. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) In my opinion Player Concern List is updated to slow. I own and play setup called Scout's Challenge and you cannot buy players over rating 89. Now here is a problem: - In real life you cannot keep 50 simmilar players happy till the end of season - and there is a club in setup with 50 players with rating 89 or +/-1 - you can rotate up to cca 25 players (injuries, bans, etc) - i would expect at least 10 players requesting a transfer if not 20 - this club doesn't loan players This new feature should prevent teams from 'harvesting' players or building large teams. It does not solve the problem as i have read in this thread. I hope SM will change the speed of player concern to more realistic than current. If you have 3 Players with same rating, one should reach LEVEL 5 at the end of season if he doesn't play 40 or 50% of the games. Don't you think the same?
  22. Re: Locked Setups I'm looking for a locked setup with 0 managers. Did anyone found such a setup?
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