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  1. Re: Fifa09 Ps3 Knock out torny Sponserd by strongbow Can i join....was part of the Jaffa League that sadly died.....ill be Bayern Munich if they are not taken if they are then juventus and if they are then roma. cheers
  2. Re: PS3 FIFA09 - Jaffa Cakes Liga! When does the league start?
  3. Re: PS3 FIFA09 - Jaffa Cakes Liga! Arsenal Please! My game tag is: Lozz-1 cheers:D
  4. Re: PS3 - Online Names ? My ID is: Lozz-1 im on Fifa 09 everyday, i also have a league so if you add me as a mate then ill invite you to join my league. Also really enjoy playing BAP online team play so any one who wants to play with me on that can do to. cheers
  5. Re: How do I Get Internet on My PS3? do you have the internet in you household
  6. Re: Leeds United FC Delphs goal was good he showed more quality play he has in his locker:)
  7. Re: How do I Get Internet on My PS3? mine is connected through wireless
  8. Re: Leeds United FC He was a leeds fan when he was a boy wonder if he still is
  9. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout Cheers Zampa for the Delph Sig it is Quality i love every bit of it!
  10. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout well wouldnt expect you to do it over crimbo and new yr
  11. Re: Left-footed playmaker Christian Rodriquez - a bit of background info - he joined FC porto this summer and so far has started 9 games with 1 goal, he usually plays on the left wing. He is another option but i think there are better players you could buy plus i dont see him going up in rating if any +1 highly doubt it though.
  12. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout thanks, do you just post it on here when its done?..... do you need a description? if so then id like it leeds colours with fabian delph on it (i like the pic on the link below but if you find a better one) and then if the wording 'Englands Future Star' fits then that would be lovely. http://cache.gettyimages.com/xc/83826363.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF193003A50471BAAE0D5E729990AA0D715B35A5397277B4DC33E *Obviously not the whole thing i would imagine it would be from his chest up due to the size restrictions
  13. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout could you make one for me as the one i have isnt good and i like the look of the ones you have done
  14. Re: Mboukani depends... what other strikers do you have? and would you be planning on replacing him if you sold him
  15. Re: Zampa's Graphics Hideout Zampa do you make sigs?
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