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  1. Re: Santos 10-0 Copa do Brasil (Neymar's 2 beauties, Robinho's magic{ft. André, Madso Just saw the Neymar and Robinho assist for the first goal on Sky Sports News, Googled "Neymar 10-0 santos" and got this post. Great Goals, especially Neymar taking it round the keeper (he looks phenomenal, as expected ) but you have to say the defending for some of the goals was non existent. I think my Grandma could of done more to stop Robinho for the first goal. Great to see some of the players I`ve bought after your scouting playing so well. Thanks .
  2. Re: SNEIJDER or DIEGO RIBAS Thanks for the comments Like Lee has pointed out will a CM be better suited. Howeve I buy will be playing in a 3-5-2, I`m unsure how much this will affect him and I have already Gourcuff and Dzageov as AM`s. Sneijder is ambidextrous, again does this have much bearing on performance.
  3. I`ve got the option of buying either of these 2 to play in a central midfield role for my Inter Milan Team, I play 3-5-2. Diego Ribas is a CM/AM whilst SNEIJDER is a CM/AM, I`m unsure of whjether this would make much difference and I would rather invest in the most likely player to rise, presumably Diego Ribas ?? Any Thoughts ?
  4. Re: Spanish Ratings Does anyone have an idea when the Spanish ratings will be complete, I was expecting today ? I can bid for Mata today or hold out for Higuain if it`s going to be several days.
  5. Re: English Chamionship 3185 - Official Thread Hi Eduardo, I manage Leeds Utd in Division 3 of the English Championship. I seem to be doing ok, unbeaten this season in the League and a Cup Semi coming up against Blackburn. Had some early success in the transfer market but more recentely I`ve been scuppered by Man Utd, it must be the Roses Rivalry. Nick.
  6. Re: Higuains mystery ailment... I think a bit of imagination is needed ? Any chance it`s a broken rib, rib injury, diaphragm injury or collapsed lung even. Agreed the injury routine needs work.
  7. Re: Ivan PERISIC - A great Croatian talent Great scouting and thread, is he still worth buying ATM for £2,700,000 ?
  8. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Fantasic thread, really enjoyed reading about a league I know little about. I have also been converted to a Gourcuff fan.
  9. Re: RM/R.Winger Needed Thanks for the replies, in SM terms I`m not sure Gourcuff would do a better job ATM than Kuyt anyway, I will try and save for Robinho.
  10. Re: Aidan White - Another 16 Year Old Leeds have Carl Dickinson, on loan from Stoke, he has been playing left back recently and very well.
  11. I need to sign a Right sided midfielder or winger to play on the right in a 4 or 5 man midfield, I currently play Kuyt there. I`ve got Rensing and Kuyt to trade possibly can save for a bit longer. I think Jesus Navas would be ideal but he is taken. Other possibilitys are :- Gourcuff Renato Augusto Barnetta Walcott(transfer ban ATM) DZAGOEV To add Robinho is available but I do not have the funds yet. Also Mata is taken. Any thoughts ?
  12. Re: 4-3-1-2... Whats right?? Do you think this formation would work with AM or Wingers on either side of a CM (in the 3 in midfield) ??
  13. Re: Home / Away Differences Thanks for the reply, do we know in what way it differs to whether you are at home or away ? or just it is taken into account.
  14. Does being at Home or Away make any difference during the match engine ? or does being at Home give any advantage ?
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