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  1. God87


    Re: Lost. I won't tell you what happend, but I watched it this morning and was really dissapointed with the ending. It was very predictable. It just seemed like a cast saying goodbye rather than out else. Suppose you can't please everyone though.
  2. Re: Splash Your Cash- Brand New Setup! Please could I have Man U or Real? SM name Shaun Hunt.
  3. Re: Team of The Decade! Casillas Ramos Rio Puyol Evra Makelele Keane C.Ronaldo Zidane Messi Torres Subs. Van Der Sar, Vidic, A.Cole, Kaka, Beckham, Gerrard, Rooney Henry Just left out. Riena, Cannavaro, Nesta, Scholes, Giggs, Xavi, Fabregas, Lampard, Senna, Drogba
  4. Re: Sell Eto'o or Cambiasso? That's what I was thinking. I have no chance of getting Puyol. I've tried many times. I am going to Sell Cambisso and Albiol. I think I can get both Higuain and Alves with that money. If I can't get Alves I will buy Marchisio and Ramires. And if I'm lucky maybe another youngster. Thanks for all your help guys.
  5. Re: Sell Eto'o or Cambiasso? If I sold all three I would have 90M. With that I could buy Higuain, Alves, Marchisio for 63M. I could gey Kjaer and Ramires for 19.5M There is also alot of good youth players available plus a few higher rated players. Basically a back up team. I was thinking of selling Albiol to create some more funds to buy them. Akinfeev Rolando Thiago Chygrynsky marcelo Robben Toulanan Diego Cazorla Jovetic Dzeko
  6. Re: Sell Eto'o or Cambiasso? Any more views/opinions?
  7. Re: Sell Eto'o or Cambiasso? If I sold Rio I could get Dani Alves. I personally think Rio could gethis form back ESP as the World cup is soon.
  8. I can sell Eto'o for 33.5M or Cambiasso for 30M. If I was to sell Eto'o I would buy Higuan and Marchisio. If I sold Cambiasso I would buy Higuan and Granero. Which would be the best deal? This is my squad. Thanks in advance. CASILLAS, Iker AMOS, Ben EVRA, Patrice SERGIO RAMOS, VIDIC, Nemanja FERDINAND, Rio CHIELLINI, Giorgio VERMAELEN, Thomas SANTON, Davide ALBIOL, Raúl AYALA, Daniel NAVAS, Jesús DIARRA, Lass POSSEBON, Rodrigo CAMBIASSO, Esteban FABREGAS, Cesc DE ROSSI, Daniele SIELVA, Óscar DAVID SILVA, Josué RONALDO, Cristiano ROBINH
  9. Re: Zambrotta for Pique? My thoughts exactly. Just wanted conformation really. Thanks.
  10. Basically I have Zambrotta (94) and Barcelona has offered me Pique (90) straight swap. I think I should accept as Pique is he due a rise, but I don't know what will happen to Zambrotta? Help please. Thanks.
  11. Re: Skrtel or Carragher? Right I'm now getting Johnson, Vermaelen and Thiago Silva. I still have Corluka, Zambrotta, Nesta and Kaladze. Hopefully I can sell Kaladze to raise funds for Chygrynskiy. Plus I should be getting Mertesaker soon.
  12. Re: Skrtel or Carragher? I personally prefer Skrtel too. But I can see him parenting Agger in the near future. I know he hasn't been at his best lately but who has at Liverpool? Apart from Johnson, best of a bad bunch. Think I might take your advice and try and wait til after his birthday. I'll still but Johnson as he is going up, plus I can get VERMAELEN from Boca on the cheap. Thanks again for your help.
  13. I have the chance to buy either skrtel for 18.7m or Carragher for 16.3m. Will either drop or raise in the near future? Which would be the best buy? I'm also buying Glenn Johnson for 7.4m. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Re: Intriguing offer. Good news, I managed to get anouther four million in the deal. Every little helps.
  15. The manager of Arsenal has offered me Aguero for Ronhaldihno. Should I do it or try and get more in the deal?
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