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  1. 1. Mendy > Shaw = Chilwell 2. Depends, if he's your 1st choice or backup versatile option for right back and AM 3. At the moment, RicRod. Not much to choose there though. 4. Sell if you don't need him as backup.
  2. Luiz Felipe, Militao Bentancur, Beltran, Van de Beek Militao and Felipe are not going to be 92+ in 2-3 years. Godin will retain his rating or will have -1 for another 2 years. It's a tossup between Pavard and Militao though, Pavard might stagnate at Bayern due to lack of opportunities IF Bayern buy Upamecano. Bentancur has a high ceiling but when will he reach that peak? Retain Busquets at even 93. I don't think Beltran and van de beek will be troubling the 93 mark in 3 years time at the very least.
  3. Thanks, I agree with what you're saying here and I was leaning towards selling KDB to get Mane and Jesus but I decided to keep KDB as this particular guy I was dealing with was a new to the game and I didn't want to end up feeling I conned him in this deal. 😶 He didn't have a good striker apart from Jesus either. So, i let this one slide.
  4. 1. Goretzka 2. Fabinho, Ndombele, Brozovic, Goretzka, Tolisso 3. Hazard, Correa..............Calhanoglu 4. Benzema
  5. Ultimate 11 based on ratings ? or potential?
  6. Kevin De Bruyne for Gabriel Jesus and Mane. No money involved. KDB belongs to my team, good deal?
  7. Aren't De Jong and De Ligt overrated in general? And now, even in SM
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