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  1. Which one of the two is a better striker in real life and will hit higher levels in the near future ?
  2. Re: Double D Can I join ?
  3. He is 32 years old and still 96 rated. But someone wants to pay mad cash for him. Should I sell ? Is he past his peak ?
  4. Re: Iniesta for Fabregas ? So it is a good deal if I buy Iniesta for 30 million + Fabregas ?
  5. I offered 30 million + Fabregas for Iniesta. Is that a good deal ?
  6. Re: Young forwards Paco Alcacer Seferovic Mauro Icardi Batshuayi Benzia
  7. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 When will Valmir Berisha be added ?
  8. Re: World Championship 18 Barcelona and Boca Juniors draw level in 8 goal thriller !! On matchday two, Camp Nou was the scene of one of the hottest games of the season. Eternal rivals of World Championship 18, Barcelona and Boca Juniors, fought out a game of life and death to gain early advantage at the top half of the table. At that point both teams had lost their first league game so both wanted to record their first win of the season. There was an electeric atmostphere at the Camp Nou when the kickoff took place and a capacity crowd cheered for their heroes. With only two minutes on the clock Mats Hummels of Boca Juniors found Zlatan Ibrohimivic and the big man peppered the hands of the Italian goalkeeper. A minute later Boca got a freekick after Azipilicueta brought down Hummels. Lionel Messi put the ball on the head of Fabregas and he rifled it in. The Boca Juniors supporters went crazy and Camp Nou was shaking. Four minutes later Bastian Schweinsteiger fired a screamer and Sirigu was speechless as he could only watch the ball thunder in the net. Boca supporters could not believe their teams luck and they danced aroud the stadium while the Barcelona crowd was left embarresed. But somehow Barcelona got back in the game. In the 22th minute a bang from Cristiano Ronaldo cut the Boca lead in half, and eighteen minutes later Iniesta and David Villa combined nicely only for the ex-Valencia striker to tap it in and take the game to a 2-2 draw at half time. For the Barcelona supporters this was a much needed facelift after the huminilating first 25 minutes. In the second half teams picked up where they left off, and again it was the South Americans who drew first blood. Lionel Messi found Serigio Aguero in the box with a silky pass and the pocket-size striker fired a shot past the defenders into the roof of the net. The crowd came alive again. Two minutes later in the 56th minute Boca Juniors tought that they had scored their 4th goal but the Fabregas ball was ruled out for off side. Boca supporters were furious while Barca fans where happy with the narrow escape. In the 69th minute Karim Benzema scored a wonderfull header after Barcelona was awarded a freekick and that brought teams back in the balance. It was a wonderfull game and really end to end stuff. In the 72th minute Philip Lahm brought down Messi and a free kick was awarded to Los Xeneizes. Messi stroke the ball hard and low underneath the wall and Sirigu was left in No Man's Land as Boca went ahead 3-4. For most Boca Juniors fans the game was almost in the bag and the only thing left to do was to defend very well. Shots from Benzema and Balotelli were parried very well by Courtois and then in the 87th minute lightning stroke again. Just wen everyone thought that Boca would walk away with the win, Wesley Sneijder fed Mario Balotelli with a nice pass in the box, and "Super Mario" made no mistake. With a fancy flick he lifted the ball over the hand of Courtois and it bounced into the net, while all Barcelona fans were holding their breath. And when the ball rolled in the net a huge explosion of sound escaped from their mouths. The Camp Nou was shaking and Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu was dancing in the Grand Stand. The game ended 4-4. After two minutes the refree blew the final whistle on one of the most entertaining games of the season and it will be interesting to see how these two big teams will do for the rest of the season. Meanwhile Manchester City moved to the summit of the league with two wins in a row.
  9. Re: World Championship 18 Boca Juniors are champions again !!! Manager Irwin Maatrijk has guided Boca Juniors to their second championship's title in a row and the fifth Division 1 championship in the history of the club. The club from South America secured the title with two games left on the schedule after title contender Manchester City suffered a heartbreaking loss at the hands of Newcastle United and thus handing the title to Los Xeneizes. It was a very competitive season with teams like Manchester City, Real Madrid and Arsenal all battleing Boca for the title. Lionel Messi was on fire for Boca Juniors with 24 goals and 10 assists, while Sergio Aguero became the assist leader with 12. Juventus, Stuttgart and Hibernian were relegated to Division 2, while Westham United, Liverpool and Sao Paolo won promotion to Division 2. Boca Juniors will try to win the league for a third time in a row to become the most succesfull club in the history of World Cahmpionship 18.
  10. Re: WC 11814 - Barcelona - Més Que Un Club A New Era Starts At REAL MADRID Real Madrid appointed Irwin Maatrijk a week ago as their new manager. According to club President Florentino Perez the succesfull coach from South America was brought in to take Real Madrid to new glory days and to end the unfair domination of Barcelona. "We believe that this competition has been unfair for too many saesons because Barcelona robbed all the other teams of their best young players. But now our new man will put an end to this. Before he arrived this leauge was just a Micky Mouse competition, but now Maatrijk will take the game to the unfair Catalans and I'm convinced he wil succeed". With only 5 points behind league leaders Barcelona, Maatrijk will now start to reform the Real Madrid squad. The manager has started to bring in fresh young blood which will act as a backup for the first team on the long run.
  11. I want to write a letter to the SMFA to address something. How can I do that ?
  12. Re: Falcao does not score in SM !!! Will Falcao's rating drop now that he is injured ?
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