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  1. Which one of the two is a better striker in real life and will hit higher levels in the near future ?
  2. He is 32 years old and still 96 rated. But someone wants to pay mad cash for him. Should I sell ? Is he past his peak ?
  3. Re: Iniesta for Fabregas ? So it is a good deal if I buy Iniesta for 30 million + Fabregas ?
  4. I offered 30 million + Fabregas for Iniesta. Is that a good deal ?
  5. Re: World Championship 18 Barcelona and Boca Juniors draw level in 8 goal thriller !! On matchday two, Camp Nou was the scene of one of the hottest games of the season. Eternal rivals of World Championship 18, Barcelona and Boca Juniors, fought out a game of life and death to gain early advantage at the top half of the table. At that point both teams had lost their first league game so both wanted to record their first win of the season. There was an electeric atmostphere at the Camp Nou when the kickoff took place and a capacity crowd cheered for their heroes. With only two minutes on
  6. Re: World Championship 18 Boca Juniors are champions again !!! Manager Irwin Maatrijk has guided Boca Juniors to their second championship's title in a row and the fifth Division 1 championship in the history of the club. The club from South America secured the title with two games left on the schedule after title contender Manchester City suffered a heartbreaking loss at the hands of Newcastle United and thus handing the title to Los Xeneizes. It was a very competitive season with teams like Manchester City, Real Madrid and Arsenal all battleing Boca for the title. Lionel Messi was on f
  7. Re: Mauro Icardi Is Mauro Icardi still a great talent to buy ?
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Will Jackson Martinez rise to 91 ?
  9. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Bayern Munich win Division 1 !! Bayern Munich have become champions of Division 1 in confincing fashion. Irwin Maatrijk's side won 3-2 over Werder Bremen to secure the title and proof without any doubt that they were the best team of the past season. Going behind 2-0 everyone thought that the campaign would end with a loss. But then it was time for the Ribery show, as the Frenchman scored a magnificent hattrick that would ensure that his team ended the season with style and class. There is no doubt that Maatrijk and his boys will try the rep
  10. Re: World Championship 18 Boca Juniors Sign World Superstar Lionel Messi Division 1 powerhouse, Boca Juniors have pulled the biggest transfer coup in the history of WC 18 by signing 4 times Ballon d' Or winner Lionel Messi. The prolific Argentine striker moved from Manchester United for an Impressive 55 million + Luis Suarez and Marek Hamsik. The transfer rocked the football world early this morning when the news broke. All major newspapers in the world brought the news that the former Barcelona hero moved to bitter rivals Boca Juniors.
  11. Re: Jean marie DONGOU.........amazing Barcelona talent !! He scored a nice brace for Barcelona a few days ago. I hope Martino gives him some fair chance in the first team during cup games.
  12. Re: Reality Check Can I join this gameworld ? I want to manage a team
  13. Re: Christian Derflinger : ***German Supertalent*** He is finally on the datebase.
  14. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen My 10 all time favourite movies are : 1 No Country For Old Men 2 The Prestige 3 The Matrix 4 The Mist 5 Artificial Intelligence 6 Seven 7 Full Metal Jacket 8 Silence Of The Lambs 9 Terminator 2 : Judgement Day 10 Prometheus
  15. Re: Conspiracy Theories The ILLUMINATI The ILLUMINATI is real. They control the world. The Illuminati is a secret organisation of 13 powerfull and super-rich families with a Luciferian background. These people control all the money in the world and with that money they have infiltrated and corrupted every country and important organisation in the world. The Federal Reserve of America belongs to them. They even founded powerfull organisations like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and The United Nations (UN). Via these organisations they enforce their will
  16. Re: Your Favourite Ever Film? My 10 all time favourite movies are : 1 No Country For Old Men 2 The Prestige 3 The Matrix 4 The Mist 5 Artificial Intelligence 6 Seven 7 Full Metal Jacket 8 Silence Of The Lambs 9 Terminator 2 : Judgement Day 10 Predator
  17. Re: David Hoilett What are the prospects of this youngster ? Will he succeed at Blackburn Rovers ? Is he a hot prospect ?
  18. Re: The NextGen Series!.. Under 19 Championship.. Now Open.. Apply If Interested.. Can I join this game world ? My name is Irwin Maatrijk and I have a SM rep of 363. I would like to join.
  19. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Can I join ? My name is Irwin Maatrijk and I have a rep of 362.
  20. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Can I manage PSG ? My name is Irwin Maatrijk and I have a rep of 361 I would love to join
  21. Re: Allmighty Boca Juniors !!(World Championship 18) Boca Juniors Win Their Fourth Title After a strong and magnificent season Boca Juniors have won their fourth league title despite losing to their archrivals River Plate. A 3-2 defeat with River could no longer spoil Boca's title dream. Boca Juniors had allready won the league two weeks ago with 3 games left and they finished with 9 points clear of their main follower Manchester United. With an impressive goal difference of 43 goals Boca Juniors proofed to be the highest scoring team and the most lethal force in the league. Sergio Aguero,
  22. Re: The Real World.. Sign Up!.. Ready For New Comin Season.. I Like the idea. You can put me in.
  23. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Can I get a team too ? I manage Bayern Munich in WC 10000
  24. Real Madrid have completed the transfer of promising youngster Jorge Franco from Diocesano for an undisclosed fee. The 18-year-old attacker has been in impressive form for his club's youth team and had also attracted the interest of clubs such as Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. Nevertheless, he has now opted to join Real Madrid instead, and is delighted to move to the Blancos at the end of the season. "Playing for Real Madrid is a dream. I never imagined that my dream of playing for the best club in the world would come true. I can't ask for more," Franco said to Marca
  25. Re: The Globe Tournament Discussion Thread Santa Fe appoint Maatrijk as manager Santa Fe have appointed the highly rated Irwin Maatrijk as their new manager. The experienced manager who led many teams to succes is ready to take the Globe Tournament by storm and proof his pedigree. Santa Fe is sitting in 11th position of Division 2 and tonight they take on Jeunesse Esch. "My goal is to take this team to the play-off zone and force a promotion to Division 1", Maatrijk said to reporters. "It wont be a easy job but I will use my experienced in a attempt to reach my objective. I like the ch
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