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  1. 1. Why am I getting inbox messages about a player who had position changes, when that player is NOT on my team?! 2. Why can't I see the (+) signs anymore, near the players, in the Tactics screen? This makes it impossible to change their behavior. PS: there are 11h to the next game. Same issue was before too. Fwck this retarded buggy mess.
  2. If they don't bother to at least read the forums, then I won't bother to email them. Any relationship is based on "exchanges". If they don't have the minimum amount of care (i.e. reading THEIR forums), then I can't have my minimum amount of care (i.e. to send an email).
  3. Why don't they just release the code on Github ?! I'd be happy to help with anything I can (a bit of Javascript/HTML, some .NET if any). And yes, for free. This game is really cool and brings people together. I doubt they don't get enough revenue from the "single player" version to afford keeping the website up (especially since I believe the databases are somehow connected - not 100% sure but it would make sense to have the same player base for example; maybe they just have an additional layer over that, for SM Worlds, where they can adjust the ratings and so on, but only for this game). Damn, I really hate the stupid management decisions (or lack of) for interesting games (that are so few and far apart).
  4. Ok, I'll try that. Why isn't this stupid game giving a simple message saying just this?
  5. At the moment 16 ( I can create a proper team with them).
  6. Hello, I would like to ask the more experienced folks here about a few things. First the context - I am playing in a custom league with a few more friends and other random teams. The first batch of transfers have ended and I am able to create a proper starting lineup. The next official match should be in around 9 days. Here's what's happening: 1. Choosing a formation for the lineup changes the players' positions on the small fields, but the formation button still has "4-4-2" written on it (even though I selected something else). 2. I proceed to setup the players. After moving each and every one of them into good positions, I click on the "confirm changes" button. There is no feedback for that button press. I refresh the page, hoping that everything got saved. Well, nope! The squad reverts to a default 4-4-2 formation with my center forward in the D(C) position (I bet he's really good at tackling!). Any idea why this is happening? 3. Same thing with substitutions and situations. I click on the "substitutions" button. The field of players gets cleared and only their positions remain, but, again in a 4-4-2 formation, NOT the one I was using before. No problem, I select it again. I create one situation (pressing the green "Create" button) and change it to something different than "any score at 45 minutes". The situation I chose is not saved. It just reverts to "any score at 45 minutes" (confirming the changes does nothing once again). 4. Instructions don't get saved either, no matter what I do. 5. I cannot choose what players to substitute. There is no way to drag or select someone else instead of a player. 6. Players' portraits keep disappearing from the field from the tactics screen right after I move one into position. The only way to make it appear is by clicking outside of any player portrait. If I don't do that after each and every position change, I cannot even select the player anymore, thus needing a hard refresh of the page. 7. Linked to number 6, the player names from the reserves' line also disappear unless I refresh the page. Suppose all of this is intended because, maybe, it's too early to set team tactics before the match (no idea why it would be too early, but...), or whatever. Why, for the love of god, don't we have a simple message written somewhere on the tactics screen telling us just that? Why are we allowed to move players around, set instructions, create useless substitution situations, etc, without a simple error message telling us what's really happening? Do the developers even give a about this game anymore? Why not close it down already if not?! If the focus is the single player game, then just prevent us from playing SM Worlds already. Stop milking $$ when you know you don't care anymore. Is it that hard to be honest and make a sincere announcement about this?! Thanks
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