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  1. Hi guys... I have Issa Diop 89 in my team. Im thinking about a change. Akanji 90, Upamecano 89 are available. What do you think? Thank you.
  2. Militao; not many chances of playing regularly this year right now.
  3. Laporte. He is playing in Man city, better club than Atlético, so he has more chances to win Premier League, Champions...Laporte is not important for France but Who knows in the future...
  4. Maybe both have reached their ceiling..but Pogba imo
  5. Hi TMCosta. Do you think Álex Telles has a chance to rise? Is he better than any other 89 LB? I hace doubts between Bernat, shaw, digne, wendell,...also Emerson and Tierney. Thank you
  6. A German affair .... which player is the best project for the future? Eggestein 89 Neuhaus 88 Grillitsch 89 Laimer 87 Haidara 86 Mckennie 86 Serdar 86 Schlager 87 Grujic 86 Danke Or maybe you know other better...
  7. Hi guys, would you sell walker ( 25,4 m. Offered) and buy Azpilicueta (17.8 m)? Also... aubameyang or Agüero? Goretzka or Gnabry? Wijnaldum or ndombele? Thx
  8. Hello; Vanheusden 83 Chakvetadze 83 Saelemaekers 83 Danjuma 83 Maehle 85 Is worth keeping them or sell? Thank you
  9. Maybe, 50/50, Athletic didnt reach Europe, but he has the quality to get 89 soon... Great problem for Athletic nowadays, 3 good CB ( Íñigo Martínez, Yeray and Núñez) and coach plays 4-2-3-1 usually.
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