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    Manchester United and SM crazy !
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    Football, Pc,SM, Going out
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    Too many !!!! :-S
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    Wayne Rooney
  1. Re: I'm back! Yeah, Welcome back to SoccerManager; feel free to read all of the gossipy threads and have a look back at the rules and regulations.
  2. Re: Andrei Arshavin I agree with you, once again... like many other threads.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Wrong forum. Try posting in the help threads...
  4. Re: Add Free Membership Fantastic idea, add it SM. I hate the adds, and the revenue they get from us is enough instead of adds anyway.
  5. Re: Partnering With Clubs Good ideas, this might be able to be introduced if SM simply allow it.
  6. Re: LM or W help With such a low budget, I don't think you'll get that to be honest. Good luck though, and I have no suggestions sadly.
  7. Re: RIP Tim Carter Yeah, very respectful...
  8. Re: Im new to SM forum In that case, welcome to the forums - remember to read the forum rules and regulations - try introducing yourself a little bit more like; I've been on SM for a while now, but just found the forums etc etc... and people might be more likely to respond. If you need help, ask.
  9. Re: A.F.C. Liverpool - The fans club Sounds like a good idea, I know that Manchester United fans did exactly the same thing and brought in FC United - which is the same as the idea you have found for Liverpool. It's always good as the majority of fans cannot afford; £25 per game, even if they loose. The prices stay the same, which for the fans is a good idea, therefore when they are in the Premiership (if they get that far) they will still pay the price of £5 per match. Good luck with the fans club.
  10. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Haha, from what you said, it seemed like you said you were from Sri Lanka.
  11. Re: semih kaya From what i've heard from websites, he seems to be a good player - and from what you said of course. He's not on the database either, might be worth it...
  12. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread a Manchester United fan in Sri Lanka! wow! - English.
  13. Re: Big Hello Welcome to the forums, and a BIG HELLO back at you. Remember to read the rules, get to know them and get used to them. If you need any help, just ask...
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