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  1. Re: I'm back! Yeah, Welcome back to SoccerManager; feel free to read all of the gossipy threads and have a look back at the rules and regulations.
  2. Re: Andrei Arshavin I agree with you, once again... like many other threads.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Wrong forum. Try posting in the help threads...
  4. Re: Add Free Membership Fantastic idea, add it SM. I hate the adds, and the revenue they get from us is enough instead of adds anyway.
  5. Re: Partnering With Clubs Good ideas, this might be able to be introduced if SM simply allow it.
  6. Re: LM or W help With such a low budget, I don't think you'll get that to be honest. Good luck though, and I have no suggestions sadly.
  7. Re: RIP Tim Carter Yeah, very respectful...
  8. Re: Im new to SM forum In that case, welcome to the forums - remember to read the forum rules and regulations - try introducing yourself a little bit more like; I've been on SM for a while now, but just found the forums etc etc... and people might be more likely to respond. If you need help, ask.
  9. Re: A.F.C. Liverpool - The fans club Sounds like a good idea, I know that Manchester United fans did exactly the same thing and brought in FC United - which is the same as the idea you have found for Liverpool. It's always good as the majority of fans cannot afford; £25 per game, even if they loose. The prices stay the same, which for the fans is a good idea, therefore when they are in the Premiership (if they get that far) they will still pay the price of £5 per match. Good luck with the fans club.
  10. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Haha, from what you said, it seemed like you said you were from Sri Lanka.
  11. Re: semih kaya From what i've heard from websites, he seems to be a good player - and from what you said of course. He's not on the database either, might be worth it...
  12. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread a Manchester United fan in Sri Lanka! wow! - English.
  13. Re: Big Hello Welcome to the forums, and a BIG HELLO back at you. Remember to read the rules, get to know them and get used to them. If you need any help, just ask...
  14. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace This thread has got to be the most pointless one i've seen in quite a while Cristiano Ronaldo is a very skillful player, one that should be valued and people should be proud that he is playing in the Premiership. He dived, not now. He's not a disgrace, I believe there is many more players to be desired as a disgrace...
  15. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Milton Keynes Dons FC. NEWS Update. Club Record! Milton Keynes Dons' strided to a victorious, memorable match last night at the MK Stadium. The match of which had a huge climax with the game at such a high score, was very entertaining, and exciting. Nathan Tyson being the scorer and of course the best player, in Scott Graingers eyes the MoM but nevertheless, the highest scorer: Nathan Tyson as seen below in the clubs away strip. MK Stadium: The score at the Liberty yesterday: Milton Keynes Dons. FC-6 Antonis RIKKA (13) Arnaldo EDINHO (23) Christos BOURBOS (31) Nathan TYSON (60) Nathan TYSON (65) Nathan TYSON (77) Doncaster Rovers. FC-1 Manuel JUNIOR (89) MoM: Antonis RIKKA - Milton Keynes Dons' FC. Possession: MK Dons: 62% >>>>>>>>>> 38% : Doncaster Rovers Referee: Ante Vucemilovic What do you think of todays performance, Scott? "Honestly? I believe we played like the team we are, excellent. Milton Keynes Dons' will go a long way in this league and we're striding for progression so far that i've gone to the extent of declining offers from clubs and spending my budget on only a few players." Milton Keynes Dons' next match: Queens Park Rangers - [Away]
  16. Re: The Salamanca Situation New thread? Don't you mean reply to another thread? this doesn't really make sence, why have it here?
  17. Re: New Liverpool Away Kit 2008/09 Regardless of that it's a Scouse kit, I think it's hideous... really horrible.
  18. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Milton Keynes Dons FC. NEWS Update. Milton Keynes Dons' go strong! Milton Keynes Dons' manager was recently seen at MK Stadium and was ready for a conference, we managed to talk to him about the progression of the club and his plans for the future. Scott Grainger said to the fans and the reporters: "I'm very happy at Milton Keynes, and I plan to progress hugely over the coming years, after this season I promise a higher position in the tables, maybe promotion will be inevitable..." The fans seemed very happy and deemed to be ever pleased at the managers great performance over the coming years. The manager also listed to the reports that he is interested in purchasing Manchester United's Darren Fletcher and a few other young stars, especially from Sweden, they seem to be the young stars at the moment.
  19. Re: Hello All Thought I would check up on the 'Newcomers' and this happened to be the one that I clicked on! Welcome to the SoccerManager Forums, enjoy your stay, and remember to read the rules... need any help? Just ask, i'm sure somebody will be able to help you out in any way possible.
  20. Re: Thankyou Herby Herby, you were and still are as far as it goes... a truely fantastic moderator on the forums - you'll be sadly missed, but always remembered Hope you have a great life, enjoy fatherhood and I'll hopefully see you around on the forums again.
  21. Re: Euro 2008 Who Will Win And Who Do U Support Portugal or Croatia will win it, after beating England, Croatia have the edge... but Portugal have ronaldo
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