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  1. Yeah, he's unbelievable. Tell me this lad do you know how long a newsfeed ban lasts?? I seem to have been banned over this clown. No one contacted me or anything so I've no idea how long or whats going on?
  2. What about Andy Jeffo in gold one right now? Its a joke and everyone in the game world plus gold 500 know he's at it. You do nothing. He got a few 90 rated players for cash in the hardest world there is and jokes about it. You undone one 91 rated deal a few weeks ago and didnt remove him, the next day he bid the very same for the same player and he gets to keep the player the second time?? What a joke!"! You have not removed half him double accounts which he did deals with yet he's still there?? Hows all that work?? Look at the news feed in both worlds and see whats going on, everyone knows it, its so blatant. He removes one manager and then takes over that team within seconds, its crazy we pay for this!!
  3. celticpa

    Andy Jeffo

    well, he's still at it in gold 1 now so not much has changed. Its a joke SM let this go on!!!
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