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  1. I think he'll get a +1 to 92 as he's played well for city this season, worth hanging on to for now imo
  2. I've got Kulusevski thankfully, now just searching to see which Atalanta players I want to buy 😆
  3. Reading everyones posts, is Bastoni the must buy for the Serie A upgrades then? My thought is yes
  4. (Un)Patiently waiting for SM to add him to the database as he's gonna be a hot one for a lot of people
  5. Will also chime in and say Zaniolo and Auoar
  6. Swap Nkunku (obviously been upgraded today) for Valverde?? Guess my question is who do you think is better and has higher potential
  7. Bit of a rogue one because of his age but do any of you guys think that Vardy would be in for a +1. Currently EPL top scorer, ahead of Aguero Salah Kane Auba who are all 94/95 (I appreciate some of these have had injuries). For the past couple of years he's always been up there in the goals and only a 92 (and only went up in january), so I think it's worth the thought...
  8. I'd defo keep felix if it were me
  9. Selling sandro walker and sarabia will give you an extra 300k a week wage budget straight away so you could start with those three and see how the finances are doing after that? My only thought about selling De Vrij over Hummels was that De Vrij is always predicted to get a +1 but he never seems to actually get it But he is younger and Hummels will get a -1 eventually. Again it all depends on if you rate having a 93 rated CB right now in your team who will probably become a 92, or having a 91 rated CB who may become a 92.
  10. nice squad you've got going for you! However, it depends, do you just want to get rid of people or are you trying to raise funds for new players, or reduce wage bill? I'd sell Sarabia, Walker, Sandro like you said as you've got good players in those positions already. I'd also get rid of Milik (your attack is stacked) and De Vrij (Hummels is +2 ratings so depends how competitive your GW is really). Furthermore, I'd get rid of Nubel and buy a cheap 70 rated GK so you have two GK's in your team if you want money although Nubel is due to take over from Neuer in a couple of years i
  11. Are people holding onto Militao or selling? I'm guessing he won't be a first choice RM player for a little while..I've had him since 85 rated so would make 22m profit which i could spend elsewhere, at the moment he's just an (expensive) squad player
  12. Hi all with brazilian league in review i thought I'd share brazilian youth players i have in my team that either did well in the U17 World Cup recently(ish) or were suggested for me to buy on here. I presume that some of them will get upgrades but can't confirm: Talles Magno (18) - Vasco De Gama Kai Jorge (18) - Santos Damasceno Renyer (16) - Santos Gabriel Veron (obvious one)(17) - Palmeiras Vinicius Tobias (16) - SC Internacional Miguel Silveira (17) - Fluminense If anyone picks these guys up I hope they get upgraded
  13. No reason other than I just copy and pasted it from the soccer manager website because i didnt want to spell it haha
  14. Any of the boys added to the database today worth picking up? Luca Netz Marton Dardai Isma ARMENTEROS
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