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  1. Fantastic news!! Great spot my friend you certainly are eagle eyes
  2. Hopefully SM will add in Sontje Hansen, Noah Botic, Kaio Gorge amongst others at some point. All scoring well in the U-17 world cup!
  3. Enjoying the thread, keep up the good work my friend! I will be sure to buy a few of these players
  4. Are there and players who are 82-85 rated that people think will get a +2/+3??? Thank you!!!
  5. Ederson for rme, young keeper playing under pep has a whole load of potential - turning into a better keeper season by season
  6. I'd definitely keep De Jong, Havertz, Arthur and Rodri. All have massive potential and at big clubs/moving to big clubs. Ruiz, Neves and Aouar have potential but at smaller clubs so less opportunity to rise...If I had to sell one it'd probably be Neves.
  7. I don't watch Napoli, any chance of an Allan +1 like Rahul has planned or no?
  8. Thoughts on De Vrij getting a +1? See Rahul has him down as a +1 just wondering what other people reckon? Would be a cheap buy for a 91 up to a 92
  9. Wijnaldum, Gundogan, Xhaka, bruno fernandes, Brandt, ndombele, aouar, amongst various others
  10. Do you guys think that Tolisso will ever go up? I don't watch the Bundesliga so don't actually know how well he's doing. He's 24m, should I keep or offload for someone else?
  11. Hi all, Rodri Hernandez, Melo Arthur, or Ndombele? Or someone else for the midfield role who is young and promising, 20m or less
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